The Left Boot of Fellowship

how people are forced out of churches

by Barry Napier



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 06/07/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781418435998

About the Book

To the author’s knowledge this is the very first book to tackle the taboo subject of excommunication.  It defines what excommunication is, and highlights the shameful fact that thousands of genuine Christians are either forced out of their churches by leaders, or by their own consciences.

The book looks at examples from history and from both Roman Catholic and Reformed cases.  Particular mention is made of John Knox’s formulation, but the main aim of the book is to describe what the Bible says.  Dr. Napier believes that God’s word is the only measure a church should use, and so he sums up the scriptural position as the only feasible one to use.

In the 1990’s the Toronto Blessing took control of thousands of churches worldwide.  Dr Napier was on of only 3 Christian teachers to recognize this as a false movement of God.  So he led opposition to it, much to his cost.

The Alpha course, so enthusiastically accepted worldwide, is the ‘theologising’ arm of the Toronto Blessing and charismaticism.  For this reason the Alpha course has been examined by Dr. Napier, who completely obliterates its teachings as a ‘false gospel’.

This book is not afraid to speak out against the thousands of cases of excommunication resulting from charismatic teaching and the Toronto Blessing, which devastated authentic Christianity.

About the Author

Barry Napier is founder of Bible Theology Ministries, based in Swansea, UK.  The ministry also has two web sites.  He is pastor of a small church and specializes in doctrine and opposition to erroneous teachings.

Barry has several degrees and professional certificates, an ‘A’ grade doctorate in theology, and wide experience as a Bible teacher, speaker and college lecturer, altogether spanning almost 40 years.  He was the first Christian to research AIDS, and leads opposition to the Alpha course and charismaticism.