White Collar Crime in the Church

by Albert Anderson; Aimee Anderson



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/04/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 476
ISBN : 9781418411152

About the Book

WHITE COLLAR CRIME IN THE CHURCH is an Expose  of the ongoing miscarriage of justice and intrigue, even in the clergy. The conspiracy deepens. Others are snared into the wicked scheme of events: U.S. Justice Department, FBI, criminal division of the IRS, and others.

A portrait of where American Christianity has declined is displayed in the skulduggery of some Clergy who have become inveterate Hypocrites. Bullies in the Pulpit are trying to take over the churches of today. If possible, these Bullies who are controlled by their thirst of power and greed will rule and reign with cruel threats. They intimidate, manipulate, and coerce their followers (Bully Buddies) in order to gain absolute control.      

It is apparent that people in the church with power, might, and money can be criminals and escape punishment. Maybe politics has played a role after all. Innocent people continue to suffer as victims of the heavy-handed unscrupulous techniques of the Bullies and their Bully Buddies.

District and National church officials became insidious in their hypocrisy. Church leaders who have become Bullies and Bully Buddies, a dominating and exclusive group of people, now are the Church Mafia?  They subjugate and tyrannize their subordinates.

Compromise and conflict of interest surrounding this ongoing saga has grown. In addition to the involvement of Assemblies of God Northwest District Council (Northwest Ministry Network of the AG) and General Council Officials, it now includes U.S. Government Officials who have been snared into the wicked scheme of events.

America is like a sinking ship that needs to dial Heaven’s 911 and cry out in repentance to God Almighty for forgiveness and help. In order for the Church and our Nation to be restored, some church officials/leaders need to repent and make restitution to those whom they have so sinfully injured.

About the Author

Albert and Aimee Anderson (married almost 50 years) are the type of Pastors who, when they see righteous principles violated take a stand and remain steadfast on eternal and unchanging Truth. Their experience (Albert has held ministerial credentials over 53 years) has proven that “Wolves” who become “Bullies” and “Bully Buddies” (Mafia) ) are within church structures, not just predators from outside.

Albert and Aimee documented affinity group fraud, embezzlement, government food commodity fraud, insurance fraud, real estate fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, and lying in the Assemblies of God Northwest District leadership. They have been threatened to be silent, but they won't; conscience forbids it. Thus they have been caught in the crossfire of defensive officials covering their wicked deeds.