Conquer Your Fear of Water

An Innovative Self-Discovery Course in Swimming

by Melon Dash



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/28/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 336
ISBN : 9781420864441

About the Book

Have you tried to learn to swim? Fear prevents it! For adults, overcoming fear is the key to learning to swim. You can overcome fear without doing frightening things. Learn how to rely on yourself for your safety rather than on the bottom or the side. That is the meaning of learning to swim. 

Perfect technique? That's for efficiency after you’ve learned to be at ease. First, master the nuts and bolts of being comfortable in water. Once you feel comfortable, you can learn basic skills like floating, getting up from a float and the numerous other skills taught with no stone left unturned. Learn all the essentials, proven over 37 years and unavailable elsewhere. Strokes are not relevant and are not taught.

You’re in good company with the vast population of adults that has a fear of water over their heads--109 million adults in the U.S. All can learn to swim if they start at the beginning and skip no steps. The steps just may be something you never considered! 

About the Author

Melon (M. Ellen) Dash grew up in upstate New York. She started swimming competitively when she was 7, started teaching swimming when she was 14, and has been doing both ever since.

She earned her B.S. degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and her Masters degree in Education from the University of Michigan. She coached the men’s and women’s swim teams at Keene State College (NH) and was assistant coach of the women’s teams at Harvard, University of Michigan, and University of California/Berkeley. She opened Miracle Swimming Institute in Berkeley, California in 1983. It's now also in Sarasota, Florida. Her video, The Miracle Swimmer: How to Overcome Fear and Discomfort in Water, Shallow and Deep was produced in 2000 and has sold in over 40 countries. She speaks at world and national conferences bringing the message that Beginning Swimming classes are too advanced for afraid students...and what to do about it: Miracle Swimming. 

Her favorite toys are her Macintosh and her bike. She looks for a good pool to swim in, wherever she goes.