My Journey with Terrorists

Read with Dr. Eid: Between the Lines ~ Book One

by Dr. Ahmad S. Eid



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 26/05/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 252
ISBN : 9781418407148

About the Book

My Journey with Terrorists highlights Dr. Eid' s unique experience living among many extremist scholarly clerics of Islam and also many of the leaders and members of terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East for over thirty years. He reveals his firsthand observations about the mind set and motives of these people and outlines an informed plan to end the violence and destruction of terrorism based on his own campaign in Syria against terrorism in the early eighties.

Often moving, in the inspiring stories of his companions, the book is enriched by Dr. Eid's extensive knowledge of the Holy Books, namely the Torah, Holy Bible and Qur'an. He supports his plan for peace with many verses from throughout these three books. He also points out many of the misunderstandings in the teachings of religion and the Holy Books that cause people to commit crimes of terrorism in the name of God.

My Journey with Terrorists is the first book in a series of books titled Read with Dr. Eid: Between the Lines. These books are based on many interviews in which the doctor has participated throughout his life on a variety of subjects including medicine, religion, agriculture, the social life, sexuality etc.

About the Author

Professor Dr. Ahmad S. Eid has spent many years of his life in different jails overseas because of his courage to speak out against terrorism in countries where freedom of speech is prohibited. A native of Syria, the doctor has faced five assassination attempts by terrorist leaders for expressing his opinions about freedom, religion, human rights, and democracy in many countries of the Middle East.

Since his arrival in America in January, 2002, Dr. Eid has been working with Congress and the Administration of America through his organization, the International Movement for World Peace centered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to alleviate the threat of terrorism in America and throughout the world.