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Language : English
Publication Date : 26/11/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 464
ISBN : 9781414021294

About the Book

"A Teetering Balance" provides an inside view of an American diplomat at work. The author details his experiences representing the U.S. Government in the Congo, Madagascar and the Comoros. Anecdotes are also provided on other aspects of his 25­year career as a Foreign Service Officer. Mr. Boudreau depicts the political climate in Africa, pitting the East versus the West during the height of the Cold War, (1960s-1980s). Among the included episodes are: white mercenary rebellion, missionaries at risk, Angolan liberation movements, devastating natural disasters, initiating contact with a relatively unknown country, denying Soviet military access to bases and effecting attitude changes within a Marxist Government. The book is a real life treatment of how a diplomat deals with issues and problems, involving all levels of government, including presidents and other leaders.

As the title suggests, the author was caught in a dilemma with sometime contradictory forces tugging at him. Advancing one's career in the Foreign Service can be incompatible with the best interests of family. Mr. Boudreau explains how he managed to take care of his family while still providing quality service to the U.S. Government.

About the Author

Mr. Boudreau was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts. A U.S. Army veteran with service in Korea, he graduated from Providence College and received a MBA from Suffolk University. He also studied at American University and Boston University in their graduate international programs. Raised with a fluency in French, coupled with courses on Africa, Mr. Boudreau embarked on a Foreign Service career in 1960, just as Africa was emerging from colonialism. Most of his career was spent either on assignments in Africa or in Washington working on African issues. He also worked at the Pentagon and was a Visiting Professor at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Since retiring, he has been involved in international consulting, education and marketing activities.