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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/11/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 432
ISBN : 9781414001708

About the Book

This is an exciting and adventurous story of flying, fighting, intrigue and sizzling romantic episodes during the Indonesian Revolutions of 1947, 1958 and 1990.  Indonesia, the most populated Muslim country in the World located on the steamy,.sweltering Equator, is even now a boiling pot of demonstrations, genocide and bizarre actions.

At l7 years old,  young Matt Saber (recently released from 3 years in a Japanese prison camp) joins the Indonesian Rebels against the Dutch flying supplies to the Rebels.  He is captured by the Dutch but manages to escape nearly losing his life in the process.

The year is 1947 and the battles go on until 1949 when Soekarno is declared President of the United States of Indonesia.  The deal that was made between Soekarno and Saber is broken by the new President giving Matt Saber his first taste of the perfidy of politicians.

Ten years later, Saber returns to Indonesia flying a P-51 Mustang wrecking havoc with the troops under his enemy Soekarno..  This new set of Rebels, after years of fighting finally overthrow the Soekarno regime. Matt Saber continues to amaze his compatriots with his bravery and survival instincts.

A new day is born!  Or so the Indonesian people thought but as it turns out they have only replaced one Dictator with a new one named Soeharto.

Years go by, Saber is comfortably living in the United States, when the call from friends in Indonesia once more lure him back to the Islands.

This time it’s not a shooting war, but one of intrigue and chicanery.  Matt
Saber, is in his 60’s and he masterminds a set of events that lands him in Salemba Prison for 18 months.  But in the end his plan works and the Soeharto regime is toppled.  A surprise causes his release from prison four months before his sentence is up.

Matt Saber’s hair raising adventures and ability to go the extra mile for the underdog, along with his penchant for romance in the strangest places, leave you wondering what will happen next and to whom.

Nathan Cannon, Author

About the Author

The author was raised in the Far East, Educated in the Philippine Islands, was a prisoner of war of the Japanese at age eleven to fourteen, was involved in most of the revolutions in the Far East from 1947 thru 1990.  Has many friends as well as enemies in the countries he writes about.  One book published two years ago – All That Glitters by Nathan Cannon ISBN 0-595-16587-7