Dr. Selma HELP!

by Selma Massey



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Language : English
Publication Date : 07/07/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 128
ISBN : 9781410757180

About the Book

"Dear Dr. Selma Help" is a handbook for  Christian lesbian, gay, bi-affectionate, transgendered persons attempting to better cope with the daily concerns affecting our love, social and family relationships. This book offers insight into the LGBT community which has been largely  ignored by mainstream self-help authors. Dr. Selma's writings travel into a closeted world and exposes the bitter-sweet baggage that is an aspect of  living as a lesbian, gay, bi-affectionate or transgendered Christian in an often intolerant  African American community. This handbook puts a face on the struggles of the Black lesbians and gays who desire to remain loyal to their Christianity while refusing to deny their true selves. This collection of letters, articles and testimonials reveal a refreshing view into the lives, loves and spritual pursuits of the  Africian American  lesbian, gay, bi-affectionate and transgendered world. 

The purpose of this book is to remind us about the promises of God, and to reassure us that His love is unconditional. God hath chosen us, in Him, long before the foundation of the world. And, we must fulfill the purpose for which we have been made. Still further, we,  LGBT believers, as with other Christians, have been created for the purposes of God. God is directing our lives for his purpose. Subsequently, when we believe this and the many promises of God, we are saved by faith and,  we are justified by faith. With this justification we have the right to stand before God without fear or condemnation. Furthermore, once we have accepted Jesus as our personal savior then we are no longer under the law, rather we are under Grace. Because we have all sinned, and fall short of God's standard. Yet now God in his gracious kindness declares us not guilty, according to the scriptures. 

God chose us, the African American lesbian, gay, bi-affectionate and transgendered people for his purposes, to be adopted into his family. We belong to God, we are his children. God made us LGBT for his purposes. We have been redeemed, as believers in Christ. We have been redeemed. The price has been paid. We have been sealed with the holy spirit of promise. Because we have been set free from traditional religious legalism, we will rise above the shame and condemnaton that  mainstream society has long subjected us. As important, the consequences of the hatred and insensitivity preached by traditional church leaders, will not continue when LGBT people come to fully understand for themselves that God made us in His image and likeness. Surely,this religious condemnation of lesbians and gays will stop when we learn to stand on faith and retort that we are justified by faith.  Sadly, too many LGBT people have been hurt and suffer when we are turned away from our families, friends, jobs and neighborhoods  because traditional churches, which are the powerful cornerstone of the African American community, are guilty of preaching hatred toward all LGBT people.

The hope for a better tomorrow lies in the freedom that comes from the shed blood of Jesus. LGBT people studying the Bible for ourselves and developing a personal relationship with Christ is the doorway to true freedom. Since grace and mercy frees us from any legal religious grip. We are justified by our faith, not by deeds. Similarily,  Abraham believed God and it was counted as righteous. And, because we believe God, our faith is counted for righteousness.

My prayer is that one day, the slurs of rejection  thrusted upon LGBT African Americans will no longer  schakle our minds, souls or spirits. I believe that when discouraged Christian LGBT persons once again dust off their Bibles and begin to read for theselves and began to develop a personal relationship with Christ, pharoah, (religious traditionists, demonization, homophobia, depression, self hatred, condemnation and, the like), will let us go so that we can worship freely, with peace. Indeed, we too, will be "free at last" when we truly share our faith and declare  to our brothers and sisters, that, "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life", (John 3:16). The key is 'whosoever believes,' and this is what we will stand on, and live with.

About the Author

Dr. Selma Massey,  a native of Detroit, Michigan is a graduate of the University of Detroit where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a Masters degree in Counseling. Dr. Massey's doctorate in Leadership is from Western Michigan University, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. For more than 15 years Selma  developed and implemented clinically based treatment programs in Community Mental Health. Dr. Massey has also produced and hosted several radio programs including, 'Detroit's Most Wanted' and 'Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things'.  Dr. Selma, as she is best known in the Detroit area LGBT community, is a former assistant pastor with  the historic Full Truth Fellowship of Christ Church in Detroit. In addition to developing and hosting the pioneering television show, "WHOSOEVER with Dr. Selma", based on Bible scripture John 3:16, Dr. Selma is a contributing writer for Michigans' premier lesbian and gay newspaper 'Between the Lines'.

Dr. Selma Massey is the producer and host of the pioneering television show, "WHOSOEVER with Dr. Selma" which focuses on the LGBT Christian community.  'WHOSOEVER', based on the bibical scripture, (John 3:16)  is the first of its kind broadcast aired on UPN Channel 50 a CBS affiliate in Detroit. 'The purpose of the television show is to take the love of God into the home of lesbians and gays.  Dr. Selma put a human face on the LGBT Christian and preaches on how to live under  New Covenant while enjoying the freedom and promises of God.   We want to encourage LGBT believers to read the Bible for themselves and discover that a believer is justified by faith. "Because of God's grace, LGBT believers are no longer under the law, but rather under grace, " says Dr. Selma who also hosts several radio programs, previously including a similar breakthough LGBT Christian radio show on WMKM in Detroit.        

Rev. Dr. Selma Massey, a  licensed and ordained pastor,  comes from a long line of ministers.  "My mother's father and all of his seven  or eight brothers were pastors in the African Methodist churches, while my father and his side of the family were,when possible,  actively demonstrating with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X during the late 1950's and 1960's. "

Selma says that she had no choice but to live her life standing up for those  who have been oppressed. "With a name like Selma...well, the word selma  means 'peace'.  And, considering the modern day civil rights movement, and the historical role that the City of Selma, Alabama  eventually represented with  the 'Mother of the modern day Civil Rights, Rosa Parks and Dr. King, I feel a strong and familiar calling in my heart to stand up against discrimination and social injustice. I want to be counted. I have always wanted to be counted as a participant in nonviolent marches and sit-ins. My life has reflected this calling of my heart.

In the very early seventies Selma was selected as one of the first African American inner city youths to receive a four year scholarship to attend the University of Detroit. The federal  program, called Project 100, was developed to offer 100 poor children the opportunity to attend college.  "I was so scared and yet so challenged, that I finished my four year degree in two and a half years with enough money left over from my scholarship to continue on to get my master's degree also.  Graduating Summa Cum Laude,  I received two degrees for the price of one! "

Thereafter, Dr. Selma has written and developed numerous mental health and community corrections programs for the developmentally disabled and pedophile offenders. Dr. Selma developed several public service television and radio programs which focused on such topics as teen suicide, community corrections, mental illness and  the Detroit's Most Wanted crime fight radio and television broadcasts. "After more than fifteen years of writing proposals and developing treatment programs for community corrections and community mental health, I decided that I had to go into my own community, the lesbian, gay, biaffectionate and transgendered community to help, to be active.  I wanted to give my heart, my skills and my professional expertise to my people,  lgbt folks."  

Dr. Selma  holds a doctorate degree in Leadership from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She was Pastor at New Covenant Community Ministries and is a former Assistant Pastor of the Historic Full Truth Fellowship of Christ Church in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Selma produced and hosted the pioneering, first of its kind, television program, "Whosoever with Dr. Selma" which aired on WKBD UPN Channel 50.  " The intent of the television show 'Whosoever' was to plant a seed of God's love into the hearts and minds of LGBT people. Dr. Selma is also a contributing writer for Michigans' Between the Lines" Newspaper which focuses on the lesbian, gay, bi-affectionate and transgendered community. 

For further information about Dr. Selma or to schedule a speaking engagement for your university, church or group, email doctorselma@msn.com or write P.O. Box 14242 Detroit, Michigan 48214