The Road to Freedom I

Crossing the 17th Parallel

by Hiep Vo



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Language : English
Publication Date : 30/07/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 188
ISBN : 9781410743664

About the Book

Communism, Capitalist, French, Japan, The U.S., Soviet Union, China, North and South Vietnam, who is good guy; who is bad guy?

Read “THE ROAD TO FREEDOM” by Mr. Vo to understand the fate of the children, who were born and grew up in a miserable country during wartime, young men who dared to live their ideal in the civil disorder , and realize the meaning of that most priceless word: FREEDOM.

Anh Tran And Tieng Le. Ph.D
PCC Math teacher.

The past has been written into many interesting forms: politics, suspense, martial arts, poems and artistic drawings.

Duan Nguyen
Computer Sciences.

TRTF is a dangerous adventure and also very interesting-- “FREEDOM” is a dear price to pay.

Như, Đào
Pharmaceutical Student, USC.

TRTF, takes us back to: the 50s, when North Vietnamese immigrated from North to South Vietnam and searched for FREEDOM.

The 60s, when many youths did not care about danger, nor shrink from being jailed, in fighting for “FREEDOM” and “EQUALITY”.

The 70s, the black period of Vietnamese history.

The 80s, with frightening escapes on the high seas from Vietnam for FREEDOM.

Trac Tran.
Food processing Engineer staff.

About the Author

Hiep Vo, born in Hatinh, Vietnam, 1942, is a Design Engineer for Aerospace.

At his young age, he was a little Cowboy, a Farmer escaped from North Vietnam to South in 1955, became a Martial Instructor, a Math Teacher, and then a Principal of senior high school until April 30, 1975. The Author was three times in prison for political reason by both South Vietnam and Communist. After 1975, the Author works as a Farmer, an Artist, a Fisherman and a Boat Captain.