The Early Steam Locomotive

by Robert Badella



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 25/10/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 228
ISBN : 9781418453237

About the Book

This story begins with James Watt the inventor who voluntarily created a separate condenser for steam engines. However it had been Richard Trevithick of England who was solely responsible for producing high-pressure steam through a smokestack. The initial setting takes place during 1829 near Liverpool at a historical site known as Rainhill. A competitive race was strategically won by the Rocket locomotive lucidly built by the aspiring George Stephenson and his ambitious son.

During the earlier part of that nineteenth century, internal improvements had played a major role in our country and also for the coming of railroads. The monumental building of its Erie Canal in New York greatly contributed to these navigable rivers and steamboat vessels at this time. In fact there were many evident evolutions being rapidly unfolded for example air brake system, steel rails, electric telegraph as well as coal for supplying fuel. Dining cars and sleeping cars were formally introduced by George Pullman and had certainly provided luxurious accommodations for the steam locomotive.

Those public domain lands were vigorously brought to a richer and more prodigious development by its conglomerate railroads which had prudently expanded the acquisition of unfamiliar territories. An indispensable number of railroad charters were favorably issued by State legislation in addition to land grants being actually permitted by the federal government. Moreover that quest of railroad achievement in the east was magnificently accomplished by the New York Central Railroad. Primarily the mighty and potent project of building a transcontinental railway across North America was successfully consummated as the Iron Horse became popular and evolved from its origin.

About the Author

Robert Badella lives in Northern California where he grew up and attended school. Essentially he studied and majored in English at City College under an ethical and superior leadership of influential professional instructors. Also, Robert enjoys playing guitar and likes to spend his spare time in the garden.

Robert has significantly generated much of his prior work experiences as an Administrative Assistant as well as a Word Processor for supporting well established companies. Currently he is an active and local member of the Brotherhood of Teamsters Union which is located in San Francisco.