Balkan Adventures One

by Donald Mandich



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 17/04/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 268
ISBN : 9781410708083

About the Book

Weeks after a recent war in the Balkans an American, Dr. Alexander Marks, visits the Balkans on holiday to visit a village from which his ancestors emigrated. While being given a tour of caves in the nearby countryside by a young woman university professor of geology, they unexpectedly stumble on a cache of poison chemicals together with the body of a near dead man who tells them that he had come to recover a treasure of gold coins from the cave and he was attacked by two men; he expires before he can tell them more. They are seen by the terrorists and pursued. They manage to elude them initially, but they find themselves in the midst a terrorist plot to poison the water supply of a nearby town. While assisting authorities to avoid a catastrophe they also explore the truth of the dying man about the hidden gold.

About the Author

For many years the author was an international banker with extensive travel in over 60 countries. He has lectured and published numerous articles on banking and published two books on International Banking and Foreign Exchange Trading Techniques and Controls. He also translated and published a ten-volume work from the Tsarist era on Russian Heraldry and Nobility. He now lives in Florida and his current project is writing novels where the events take place in the various countries he has visited. He recently completed two novels Attack Satellite and The American Laird; both are available from 1stBooks Library.