G. I. Jack

by Joanne C. O'Brien



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 23/07/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 564
ISBN : 9781410702074

About the Book

The drama of four and a half war torn years in the Army Field Artillery comes alive in the memoirs of G.I. Jack O’Brien, a lovable young Irishman, as he shares his heart with his fiancée, Joanne, in over 400 love letters. From boot camp to the Pacific jungles, to honorable discharge, his colorful stories testify to the making of a man, a nation and the greatest generation.

G.I. Jack is a born storyteller, and his Irish wit and humor shine in his tales of Yankee O’Brien vs. the Tennessee National Guard and the enlisted men’s antics vs. Army officers. Accounts of daily heroics and survival tactics in the steaming jungles are spellbinding. His love letters vibrate with passion, vivid descriptions and sometimes striking truth.

This book is pure history, including an account of the war on the home front and other theaters of WWII. His collection of war memorabilia, photos, and post-war documents add to its authenticity.

Sharing in G.I. Jack’s WWII memoirs is truly a comprehensive, moving experience of the Pacific war, up-close and personal.

About the Author

Joanne Nack O’Brien, the recipient of G. I. Jack’s love letters became his wife for forty-five years until his death in 1991. Having saved Jack’s love letters for over fifty years, until 2000, she compiled them into a lifetime story as a Christmas gift for their children and grandchildren.

Joanne created this book of memoirs from over 400 love letters, correspondence from the home front and war buddies, war documents, their combined war memorabilia and family photos.

She credits G. I. Jack’s Irish wit, humor, and natural story-telling ability as the backbone of this historic tale, but it is her dedication and skill that weaves this fascinating story into the portrait of a man, a nation, and a generation.