You and Change

How to deal with Change

by Margo Kirtikar Ph.D



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 27/01/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 264
ISBN : 9781403344403

About the Book

You and Change is about how to handle yourself and your life in times of change. Coping with our lives and our relationships with the people in our world depends on how successful we are in managing ourselves. It is through self-reflection, self-knowledge and self-acceptance that we are able to manage ourselves. Change is not only an external cause that befalls us. How open we are to communicate with the world depends on how much we like ourselves, how much we understand ourselves and how motivated we are.

We harbor change like a vessel. We are the recipients as well as the motor of change. ‘The universe is sometimes called the big man and human is sometimes known as the small universe.’ This book has been written with a deep enthusiasm for the changes we are currently undergoing and with a strong belief in the power of each individual to contribute to the game between ‘The Big Man’ and the ‘The Small Universe.’ This is a practical handbook on how to refine our human powers as actors and recipients of change as we are experiencing a revolution of the individual.

About the Author

Margo who was born and raised in Baghdad, was educated in Arab, French, British, Swiss and American schools. She experienced several extreme personal and cultural changes in her life. At the end of her teenage years the family, because of a civil war in Baghdad, moved to London. Two years later she married a Swiss, moved to Switzerland where she gave birth to her three daughters. While adapting to the Swiss life, marriage, and children, she embarked in her mid-twenties on a business career. In her mid-thirties, she moved with her children to the United States where she spent the next fourteen years.

In Manhattan, she continued to be active in the international business world and soon she joined the adult student force and continued with her education attending university. She completed a bachelor's degree in international economics, international banking and in psychology. In 1990 she left New York and returned to Switzerland.

Being of Syrian/Indian origin and growing up in the Arab Christian/Moslem/Jewish culture of Baghdad and Damascus, plus the influence of the Indian Hindu culture through her father, it is not surprising that the metaphysical world and spirituality have always been a very real, natural and integrated part of Margo’s daily life. She is also an avid student of religions and believes strongly that all major religions bring us the same important message in different forms and languages.

Margo also believes in continued adult education and she is convinced that the source of her limitless energy, youthfulness and good health is her active, constructive and creative life style. The first self-transformation she was aware of was when she moved from the Eastern to the Western culture. The second major painful transformation she experienced was at the end of her fourteen years of marriage. It was in New York when she was in her forties, that Margo, who is also an accomplished artist, experienced yet another major transformation in her being. This manifested in her artwork changing from impressionism to abstract art overnight. Art and painting is food and exercise for her soul. The acquisition of book knowledge and writing is her mental food and exercise and these are just as important as the food and exercise for her physical body. Margo currently counsels, lectures, holds workshops on spiritual development.

Margo likes to quote a Sufi Master called Hujwiri who wrote:

‘there are three forms of culture:
worldly culture,
the mere acquisition of information;
religious culture,
following rules;
and the elite culture – Self Development.’