by John Quirt



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/1/2003

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 444
ISBN : 9781403305602

About the Book

The novel begins on a foggy morning in Lower Manhattan in the spring of 1941. The dark shadow of Nazism had spread across Europe and Adolph Hitler was looking to expand the boundaries of the Third Reich. In Japan, militarists were plotting fresh conquests. Along both the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, old forts and cannons stood guard against potential enemies that seemed far away. America in those days thought of itself as inviolable, isolated from the troubles of the world by two large oceans. Its focus was inward. A decade earlier, the Roaring Twenties had ended with a crash on Wall Street. The pain of the Great Depression lingered on, but the prospects were for a gradual return to prosperity. It was a time when Americans might have said to themselves, "Things aren't great but they could be worse."

Indeed they could. As the morning fog lifts on April Fool's Day, the joke of the hour turns out to be no laughing matter. A national tragedy is unfolding and illusions of invincibility are shattered. The setting soon shifts from New York and the East Coast to America's Heartland. In a small town on the banks of the Mississippi, residents find their lives turned upside down by unwanted visitors wearing black uniforms who parade through the corridors of the local hospital with their jackboots clicking. They have come to commit acts of terror and mass murder.

This is an "event" story with unforgettable characters: Ma Popcorn, Buddy the Bricklayer, Polar Bear, Clyde the Shoemaker and the mysterious Mr. Mud. You'll meet Edith, a tenacious teenager and her high-strung mother, along with Senator Phil LaGassly and Andy Mattson, a bilingual country newspaper editor approaching middle age who lives for the day when he can find a little peace in this life. Circumstances force him to become an adventurer. Together with his ex-finance – the proprietress of Ruthie's Rattle Inn--Andy is drawn into a clandestine scheme aimed at turning back the clock and making things the way they were before April Fool's Day.

About the Author

John Quirt was born in Southern Wisconsin, near the area that serves as the main setting for JACKBOOTS in the HEARTLAND. As a correspondent working in Europe some years ago, he began looking into the circumstances under which the Nazis might have been tempted to try to invade North America. Declassified documents and interviews with military strategists and intelligence officers enabled him to piece together the credible scenario that serves as the backdrop for this, his first novel. During his long career as a journalist and writer, Mr. Quirt has been a correspondent for Time and CNN. He has contributed to CBS News and NBC News and written for Fortune, The New York Times and other publications. He lives in Northern California.