The Living Incantation of Black Life

by Shiyon Perriyon



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/2/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 152
ISBN : 9780759644502

About the Book

The Living Incantation of Black Life, how can I explain? This is the tenth year in the harvest of Shiyon Perriyon’s mental connection to the world. He that floats in the astral plane all day and night searching for the emotions of black life. He roams the dwellings of his inner-city surroundings and understands the essence of joy and pain, love and hate, and power and weakness within the shells of blackness that walk this earth. He has the most wicked ability to feel the feelings deep inside no matter what road you walk in life, sometimes strolling in your mind like a walk on the beach and other times attacking your mind like a force of nature. For the questions in your head that you can never ask but wished you could have the answers to, he gives them to you. This book of poetry created in the essence from raw energy combined with pure creativity and the inspiration of great black souls before thee are the reflections of you within the mind of Shiyon Perriyon. From "Quietstorm" to "Reflections Looking Back" he takes you on a mental ride from God to the inner-city streets of life. The story "Five Days in the Hole" is a short tale of ghetto life that shows the black child dealing with the troubles of growing up and finding himself.

About the Author

Shiyon Perriyon entered into the world November 22, 1972, under the constellation Scorpio.

The creation of Shiyon Perriyon those many years ago was the creation of living understanding. A wanderer of many lives and feelings within the great multitude of emotions and hopes, torn between the righteousness of his soul and the Godforsaken hungers of his flesh. He speaks the thoughts out loud that everyone feels, but most yearn to understand. This world is a place of turmoil and despair, needing to feel the power of love and giving.

His mission started out as the speaker of the place he represents, the ghetto, but over the years he has grown into the speaker of human life.

"My sole purpose is to represent the emotion’s of human being’s."

His vivid and clear outlook of life laid out so precise, just in reach of your mental conception lets you reminisce on the ideas of people you know and see and people you may have grown up with and in some cases maybe even yourself.

The Living Incantation of Black Life, the first book by Shiyon Perriyon is a compilation of sharp soul cutting words and phrases. It spans across the plain of evolution, and dives into the sea of creativity.

He has over 160 R&B songs written and was nominated for the Crystal Lyrical Award in 1998. He has been published in the International Library of Poetry, three times.

He has a very interesting and refreshing look at black society in his vivid, yet secluded vision. Shiyon Perriyon’s work is powerful and compelling to read, as his words captivate the meaning of metaphoric phrases within his handpicked scenes of black life

The mixture of street life and school life in his growing up accounts for his sometimes harsh look at reality, but he still seems to get his emotional and soul touched point across.

Published Poetry:

Published by the International Library of Poetry: "Fly Away" in 1994 and "GOD" in 1999 and 2000.

Published by The Starlite Cafe on, "You, and only You," "The Theory," and "Through this World" in 2000.

Published by Shiyon Perriyon on, "In Me," "A moment before lust," "GOD," and "You, and only You" in 2000.

Nominated for Poem of the Year in 2000 for "GOD," by The International Poets Society.