Dreamchildren of the Ecos

by Kevin J. Warne



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/10/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 252
ISBN : 9780759640481

About the Book

‘She was the last and first of humankind, salvaged from a fated voyage from a distant dying world long ago and given a unique purpose. Only the essence of the camflower could reawaken her . . . and ultimately humanity itself.’

Imagine you are shipwrecked in a long-forbidden area of a strange infertile world and uncover mysteries that confound your wildest of expectations. Will you ever temper the hostile forces of this very world and resurrect Androgena, your original altered ancestor, from an eternal slumber in her crystalline prison? This is the scenario challenging and intriguing our youthful explorer and hero, Cavan, in this unique adventure.

‘The wind I wonder where it blows . . . to the land where the camflower grows.’

His father was stolen by the sea long ago. He has always yearned to explore the forbidden Eastern Seas of Acambala. When his voyage is cut short by sudden disaster he discovers an unusual and captivating endemic girl with special insights and visionary abilities. Camie and some strange force of ‘arousal’ seem to drive him on an incredible journey. The wild adventure leads him through diverse cultures and landscapes, all suffering from a mysterious degeneration and sterility.

Will he and his enigmatic partner ever restore the natural balance of the Ecos, bringing forth the agent of the prima-female’s awakening? Just what nightmare had occurred so long ago? He certainly finds much more than he bargained for in this world of evil Sai regimes, fantastic creatures, and subversive, maladapted ecology. As the adventure unfolds, the intrigue deepens – just what is this strange alluring force that drives them and why is the whole ecosystem seemingly degenerating?

An evocatively ecological theme underlies the urgent quest woven with many other original characters and steeped in mysteries and legend. But the mysteries they unravel are nothing compared with the revelations that await them when then finally discover the great secret of his ancestor, the Arousal and the Ecos.

About the Author

Kevin J. Warne was born in the Midlands, England. From an early age he was interested in science and ecology. He studied Biochemistry at university and worked in the forefront of research before gaining an MSC.

He now lives and works in Buckinghamshire, SE England, from where he has extensively traveled. His interests in science fiction and world ecology has continued and risen to new heights with visits to the rainforests of Borneo and oceanic islands of Thailand. These travels, the people and music have all provided the great inspiration required for a work such as Dreamchildren of the Ecos!