The Passion and the Glory

by Ysatis De Saint Simon



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Language : English
Publication Date : 13/03/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 596
ISBN : 9781587218958

About the Book

The Passion and The Glory The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived

There have been numerous accounts of the life of Jesus, but throughout the whole century there has never been a single one written from the point of view of a woman. The Passion and the Glory The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived is the first Gospel written from the point of view of a woman, furthermore, it is the only one written from the perspective of the woman who loved Jesus passionately as a God and as a Man, Mary of Magdala. It is the Gospel of Mary of Magdala. A Gospel for the new Century.

The Passion and the Glory The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived offers to the reader the most complete account of the life of Jesus the Christ that has ever been written in the history of Christianity. That is, it includes in it witnesses accounts of His birth, miracles and stories of His Infancy, the occult, or lost years, His mission, passion and death, and the rarely found mystery teachings of the Christ Jesus to His apostles after His Resurrection, these, although known to Theologians, have only been disclosed in some rare and hard to find Apocryphal Gospels.

The Gospel of Mary Magdala is illuminating, human, intriguing and interesting because it gives us dimensions unknown to most of us of the humanity and divinity of Jesus the Christ, dimensions that only the woman who loved Him experienced and can help us to know Him better. At the same time, it also gives to us dimensions of our humanity and our unconscious quest to recuperate our forgotten divine status. Mary of Magdala is an integral part of us, the fallen humanity. Her fall and her redemption are both irrevocably tied to our fallen human nature and to our hopes for redemption, when we read her story we are able to understand our human selves, our relationship with Jesus the Christ and our divine potentials subjectively. It is as if her love affair with the Christ is our own love affair with His Spirit and her rise from sin into sainthood, the hope for our own future divinization. As we penetrate it, The Passion and The Glory The Greatest Story Ever Lived becomes our own story. We learn more about Jesus, His Love for us and are exposed to His Mystery teachings, a priceless treasure of wisdom which is not only liberating, but helps to fuel in us the innate desire to discover and recuperate our true, divine nature. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene is indeed a revolutionary Gospel of Love for the new minds and spirits of the Twenty-first Century.

The Passion and The Glory - The Greatest Love Story Ever Lived is a Gospel that was rejected in the past, mainly because it came from a woman. Things have changed, what makes it most valuable in the new century is precisely that it comes from a woman. A woman who was not only one of Jesus closest disciples and His most intimate companion, but the one He chose to make an apostle to His apostles by making her the sole harbinger of His resurrection. In an age when women don t have to bend anymore under the dark cloud of male chauvinism, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, the woman who loved Jesus is more than welcome. The fact that her vision of Jesus is that of a woman, makes her Gospel a great love story, passionate, deeper and more human, very different indeed from that of the male apostles.

Mary of Magdala lived with Jesus Christ by and through His Grace, The Greatest Story of Love Ever Lived. Thus, it is her Gospel.

About the Author

Born in a transatlantic when her parents traveled from Europe to America, Ysatis was exposed since early childhood to people who enriched her spirit and her cultural bank of knowledge.

After 'a near death experience' which changed her life almost 30 years ago, she broke her contract as an actress with Universal Studios and became centered in studies of the mind, and the evolution of the soul throughout history, shortly after she was initiated into the Highest Mystery of Life. Later on she learned 'Inner Kung-Fu' from a Chinese master.

She attributes her youthful and healthy aspect to the faithful practice of both methods. She is a practicing Hypno-Analyst, lectures and writes books designed to help others to discover their own potential for enlightenment. Ysatis has studied for 30 years the mysteries of early Christianity and other religions in depth, finding the essential purity which links them all.

She has traveled extensively and researched in depth the mysteries of the 'Apocalypse', 'Genesis' in the lost and original version (as Moses wrote it,) of The Holy Grail Hallows, the Cup, The Spear and The Holy Shroud of Turin synthesized all this knowledge into the practice of the 'Science of Being' as taught by the Great Spiritual Masters of the Ages. She is dedicated to propagate and put into practice the 'Eternal Love Teachings' which reached the peak of perfection two thousand years ago with the live 'Love Teaching of the Ages' the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. She believes that these teachings - which will soon culminate with the raising of 'man of god-like will' to divinity by union with their Essence' - are the key to our God- like future, heralded by the image of the resurrected Christ stamped in the 'Holy Shroud of Turin.'

Other books of Ysatis available at are 'Genesis 2000 The Forbidden Initiatic Version' 'The Era of the Antichrist' 'Jesus - Stories of His Infancy.' In one fashion or another all of her books and lectures are a reflection of this approach to life.

Ysatis feels that her life is beautiful for she has been successful in finding the Hidden Mystery which gives sense to All, and in helping others to open up to their full potential so that they can also start treading the path towards their own illumination.