Visit from a Copperhead- A Narrative of the Civil War Morgan's Raiders

by Robert E. Davis



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 02/03/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781587210280

About the Book

This historical novel focuses on the dilemma of a young Indiana family during the Civil War, specifically during the Confederate raid into Indiana and Ohio. Many residents of Indiana had roots to the bluegrass of Kentucky. Some of these men joined the Confederacy, making them orphans who could not go home for the duration of the war, and making the families they left behind ostracized in their Indiana communities. Previous fiction may not have fully considered such situations.

Confederate General John Hunt Morgan's famous Indiana and Ohio Raid, in July 1863, gave some of these men rare opportunity to make a quick visit to their homes. My character, C.C. Byrn, was one of these. His wife, Ursula, suffered traumatically because of the visit. She had to fight to survive on their little twelve-acre farm in southern Indiana. The community became increasingly hostile to her, with the exception of one helpful neighbor. She discovers she is pregnant. The neighbors suspect the helpful neighbor. Cal (Copperhead Colt, as his fellow troopers refer to him) is a scout for Morgan, reconnoitering the towns Morgan planned to hit. He eventually is part of the conspiracy to bring about Morgan's escape from the Federal Prison in Columbus, Ohio. But while Cal is away adventuring, Ursula is suffering!

Included are authentic newspaper reports of the Confederate Raiders, and the Union victory in capturing them.

The Novel is rich in characters and incidents. The wild ride of Morgan's Raiders is unparalleled in history. This fictional account of it makes it come alive for any who enjoy the Civil War era and Action/Adventure, including romance.

The chapters alternate between the raid and the family of one of the Raiders who lives in its path.

Live this six-month period with them! Expect a surprise ending!

About the Author

Robert E. Davis is the author of six technical articles published by a national trade journal. He has published a feature article in the Louisville Sunday Magazine supplement titled 'Fallout.'

Short stories, including 'A Killing in Clay County,' 'Kentucky' and 'The Chess Tutor' were written for Indiana University Review. This is his first novel.

Robert was born in Kentucky and now lives in New Albany, Indiana. He is a life-long Civil War buff. He attended the University of Kentucky and is pursuing a degree at Indiana University Southeast. His hobbies include chess (he is a national rated tournament competitor), classical music (he is a violinist), and Bible class teacher. He and his wife, Mary, have been married fifty-one years.