Jehovah Good Bye: the "New Theism" of Love

by Richard Shiningthunder Francis



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/02/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9781585006274
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9781403325365

About the Book

Jehovah, Good Bye: The "New Theism" of Love, by Richard Shiningthunder Francis, is a passionate but reasoned demand that we, as a culture, abandon the archaic and hideously dangerous god-image of our primitive, ruthless, savage ancestors of the twenty-first century BC. Although virtually ubiquitous in fundamentalist churches, this volatile, perilous war-god from the past simply has no valid place in an age where we have the weapons to destroy planet Earth.

This explosively controversial book is refreshing, because it provides a workable, viable alternative. The new God, of the new age, must be reformulated from the "big daddy in the sky" image, to a God who is actually defined as Love itself. This new God is not a person, separate from sentient creation, but is a state, a process, a powerful interior potential. Describing the new God as universal Mind, Richard Francis clearly elucidates the various levels and layers of mind, with special compassion and tenderness towards all those tragic, disappointed, and bitter people whose prayers have gone ignored. He also displays a soft spot in his heart for atheist who have felt "forced" to give up on God. The book also presents a practical explanation for the phenomenon of "evil."

It is also a real and valuable guide. After considering the historical and theological dilemmas of the old god-myth, Part II of the book illustrates and describes a simple, step-by-step implementation program. Thus, the book is a priceless tool for those who actually want to improve their lives. As a single dramatic example, the book describes a simple method, which you can use immediately, to absolutely, completely rid your life forever of all disappointments. Dozens of other realistic patterns are described in detail for actualizing the Way of Love-- not a religion, but a spiritual Way of life.

Reading this stunning book will change, for the better, the way you think, and live, for the rest of your life.

About the Author

Mystic Richard Shiningthunder Francis is a startling new voice in the chorus of twenty-first century religion. He is a major spokesman for the Universal Love Movement-- not a religion, but a Way. Founder of the science of "agapology" (the field of psychology specializing in love), he has served as religious consultant to Time, Newsweek, and "Sixty Minutes." Besides Jehovah, Good Bye, he is the author also of Superlove, Love Is God, and Tao Now (a new rendition of "The Way of Virtue").

Francis has been the subject of three television-series – "The Psychology of Spirituality," "The Way of Universal Love," and "Spiritual Awakenings." A participant in the International Assembly of World Religions, he has spoken on national radio in Europe, and now hosts a regular program, "Heartmind," which features practical spirituality and metaphysical discussion. He has also spoken on major stations throughout the U.S. Founder/president of Love Ministries, Inc., a spiritual-education enterprise, he has written widely for the "new age" and metaphysical press, as well as for the mainstream. He has conducted participatory seminars from Maine to Florida to Arizona, and in Europe. He does not charge for any of his educational work or counseling. He is architect/designer of Shalimar Counseling Center. A life-design consultant and psychospiritual advisor for over twenty years, he is former managing editor for Lovespirit and Cosmic Visions magazines. He has written sixty-eight educational booklets, discussing nutrition, psychology, history, religion, spirituality, and various life-patterns. Francis served as consultant for the Holistic Medical Center and the Center for New Age Studies. He is known widely in the native American community as "Shiningthunder." Having served as an instructor in the international Theocratic Ministry School, he taught English in a village in Guatemala, and now lives with his wife Maria in Worthville, Kentucky.