A Vow Called Tenderness: A Path of Spirituality and Sexuality in Friendship and Marriage

by Maria A.T. Maier



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781585006878

About the Book

While many have written about the problems and difficulties in dualism, this book courageously attempts a solution. Beginning with the historical conflicts within psychology by Freud and others of sexual behavior and feminine experience, the author brings the reader to an understanding that sex as we know it is purely a social construct.

With this in mind, even the 'facts of life' in terms of goal-oriented penetration (with subsequent fears of pregnancy and disease) is no longer a given, or even considered to be more natural.

The response is a revolution in love that begins with the ecstatic experience of mystical union on its ability to offer direct, unmitigated truth. Out of this very real and physical pleasure we are invited to work from the inside out, and unravel many of the myths and painful struggles with which our current understanding of sexuality is fraught. In groundbreaking detail, concrete articulation of an experience of highest consciousness of which the mystics themselves did not discuss, is brought to the reader. And solid, attainable, duplicatable results for the average self-reflective person are documented along with a step-by-step formula.

The result is a liberation that provides new postures and deeper intimacy in loving and lovemaking with neither the dangers of disease and immortality of a Liberal model nor the return to rigidity of staid Conservatism and old sexual roles and mores. Because feminine issues are at the core of any sexual construct, women will find a freedom in the untangling of common social assumptions which might cause a woman's sexuality (no longer a liability) to make sense for the very first time.

About the Author

The Author brings to the pages of her work direct cultural experiences and relationships with persons at all levels of society, particularly the working poor and single mothers. She owns and operates Miryam Realty, a real estate company which specializes in low-income first-time homebuyers and non-profit agencies. She has taught real estate and has enjoyed past and present memberships in not for profit housing organizations and boards.

Her involvement in human development and spirituality had led her to conduct numerous workshops and lesturos over the years, most recently teaching in upstate New York. In addition to writing and research, she is currently a Network Administrator pursuing admission to doctoral studies in Psychology.