Lookin' at Luke Through the Eyes of Hope




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Language : English
Publication Date : 23/02/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 116
ISBN : 9781585007301

About the Book

Dave Hope, the original player with the group Kansas, went from an extravagant, self indulgent, rock and roll life style to cleaning toilets in a little obscure church in the Florida Panhandle: all because of a 1980 encounter with Jesus Christ. Today he is Director of Christian Formation at St. Andrews by the Sea Episcopal Church in Destin, Florida. Drawing from years of diverse life experiences and his intense study of the Scripture, Dave now shares in his own unique and humorous style this commentary on Luke's Gospel. In his own words, here's why: 'Maybe my basic urge to communicate with you, the reader, stems from the fact that I enjoy reading and sharing the Bible. It seems we humans have this crazy trait instilled in us that draws us out of hiding to share with others whatever is making our day. I am sure you have had the 'I-just-gotta-share-this-great-joke' urge before. Or you have been in the path of the proud parent or grandparent whose duty it is to give a detailed account, pictures included, of their kids.

Sometimes the passion to share comes upon us when we bite into a great piece of pie that makes us do that weird humming sound when we first taste it. Then we immediately slide the plate across the table to our company, and with a full mouth mumble, 'This is great, try it.'

I think this is as close as I will get to answering my own question of why I am writing. You see, just like a great piece of pie, when I taste God's word it has the same effect on me. You know that weird, musical, humming sound that comes from your insides and on up through your throat when you're satisfied? That same sort of sensation happens to me when I read and really connect with God's word. I believe God's word is meant to be a type of music that is to be tasted and heard with your heart. Once digested, it can carry one's imagination and soul to places where it normally wouldn't, or couldn't have been able to go on its own.

About the Author

Dave Hope, original bass player with the group, Kansas introduces himself:

'Before I met Jesus in 1980, my stock and trade was playing in a reckless and crazy rock & roll band. This might seem to some a disqualification for making any sort of intelligent scripture commentary. And if that's not enough, I have some other great credentials to add that. First, I have only a high school education, and as I think it's not much of one at that! Out of the time I spent in school. I can only remember three classes: Smoking in the Boys Room, Advanced Sleeping in Class, and I think the third one was some kind of Physical Awareness class. All I can remember doing was checking my pulse every few minutes to see if my heart was still beating, because the sensations of being bored to death were not to be ignored.

To further add to my resume and add filler for the record, I come from a divorced family. I smoked three to four packs of cigarettes a day for numerous decades and there was a period of time that I was one hundred pounds overweight. I polluted my body with cheap chemicals in the 60's, only to graduate to more expensive ones in the 70's because my musical career became more lucrative.

My mother is a born-again Jew and my brother is a Christian lawyer -- really. When my father was alive, he was judge back to Kansas which is where I was raised. I will not go into my spectacular achievements in marriage or romance, because that would drag in innocent people whom I still love. I hurt them and all I can say is I am truly sorry.

All I am trying to convey is this: If you're looking for that 'all America' role type, I'm not it. I would not want to mislead you or have invest your trust and time into someone who is claiming to be something he is not. But if you are interested in listening and chewing over some thoughts about the Bible with someone who's a little torn, dog-eared, and been around the block, I'm your man.

Dave Hope