Social Gospel 2000

by Thomas D. Wakefield



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 03/02/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 296
ISBN : 9781585004560

About the Book

The (first) Social Gospel movement gained prominence in the early 1900s. The movement sought to apply Christian principles to social problems precipitated by industrialism and destructive (faithless) capitalism. Concerns of the movement included public and private morality, child labor, sweatshops, political corruption, equality of pay, corporate monopolies, unrestrained capitalism, the concentration of wealth, and environmental destruction. Sound familiar? After a century's worth of work, we are, in many ways, right back where we started. This book promotes a (re)uniting of Christian principles with America's economic system (capitalism) to effect positive change with these and related issues. It also seeks to commence a new Social Gospel movement.

Specifically, Social Gospel 2000 offers practical, timely, and Christ-centered advice about how to restore America on the personal, business, and politico-economic levels. Capitalism affects every American at each of these levels - intimately and absolutely. By conjoining the natural efficiencies of capitalism with the timeless truths of Christianity we can restore vitality, morality, and relevance to our nation's endeavors. Social Gospel 2000's Mission Statement embodies these concerns:

To apply Christian principles at each level of America's socio economic environment, and in doing so, effect positive change to a variety of America's social, economic, political, and moral problems. Successfully applied, America will be cleansed of its moral and economic shortcomings, revitalized in its natural efficiencies, and restored of its godly direction and blessings.

Social Gospel 2000 blends many disciplines - economics, political science, American and world history, social science, psychology, theology, ethics, and others into a comprehensive book with a comprehensive plan for America. Although well grounded in these disciplines, this book has an appeal that keeps the reader turning the pages. Topics such as the following keep the reader fully engrossed:

Did religious affiliation make John F. Kennedy a Democrat, and Ronald Reagan a Republican?

A modern day Sodom and Gomorrah revealed.

Why inherent trappings of sin at the U.S. Postal Service causes employees to 'go postal'.

Why it is significant that the Declaration of Independence states that we are 'created equal,' and not 'born equal'.

Reflections of Character: What Bill Clinton's presidency means for the United States.

This book will appeal to many people. Individuals will find ways in which to live successfully and morally within our economic system. Included are 'Ten Acts' that individuals and families can use to reconcile their personal lives and personal faith with our nation's economic system. Businessmen and women will find ways in which to reconcile their organizations with principles found in the Bible, and God's nature, while at the same time increasing their organization's relevance, productivity and profits. 'Value Added Business - Ten Principles' discusses how to bring business and faith into harmony. Politicians will find practical solutions to many of our nation's political problems, including a proposed Proportional Tax that is compatible with both natural and divine laws. Social Gospel 2000, quite simply, contains a message for every American. Every American depends on the economic system of capitalism for their livelihood. Moreover, many Americans also rely on a religious faith for guidance in everyday living. Many would like to know how to reconcile the two - this book tells them how.

About the Author

Thomas D. Wakefield served two tours in the United States Marine Corps as a member of a (MEUSOC) Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable. These tours, which took him to such countries as the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, reinforced his beliefs about the unique and important values that made America great. He is a 1996 graduate of Dallas Baptist University.