Web of Conspiracy

by Beverlee A. Constable



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/04/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 269
ISBN : 9781585004591

About the Book

The book combines elements of Tom Clancy books and the gritty writing style of Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series to deliver a super-charged action thriller.

Kate Carmody decides to leave the California fast track and moves to remote and beautiful northwestern Montana. Working as a part-time computer consultant, she takes on a project that will create a database of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other artifacts. She interacts with peers scattered around the world, including those at the host site, a government installation.

The project begins smoothly enough, but soon, strange and inexplicable events start to occur. First, there's the information about Majestic-12 and UFOs that Kate stumbles upon while searching web sites on the Internet. Next, Kate and several of her cohorts begin to suspect that their phones and computers are being monitored and that they are being watched. From then on, nothing is as it appears and Kate is running for her life. Her home is burned to the ground, friends' offices are destroyed, and coworkers are dying.

Uniting with several close friends in California, Kate wages a high-tech battle for survival. In attempting to identify those behind their surveillance, they set up on on-line trap. The nail-biting, cat and mouse game that ensues convinces her that her opponent is most likely a government intelligence agency.

As the death toll mounts and destruction continues, Kate unravels a conspiracy of such astonishing magnitude it will bring down governments if ever revealed. Played out against a background of suspected UFO cover-ups, misuse of power, and 'Black Ops,' the tension mounts as Kate fights back.

About the Author

The author holds advanced degrees in Computer Technology from Stanford University and has held senior positions with IBM, Logica, Honeywell and Air Touch/Vodafone. She also held a TOP SECRET - ESI/SIOP government clearance and worked on several highly classified projects. Dr. Constable has worked and traveled extensively throughout the world, and has been a guest speaker at numerous professional events. As founder and president of a successful consulting firm, she and her husband spend most of their time in Montana, Florida, and England. She is currently working on the next Kate Carmody novel.