The Republican Manifesto

by Charles Whiten



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 03/04/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 316
ISBN : 9781585004515

About the Book

In 1968 a group of assassins, known as the RAU (Republican Assassination Unit) murdered Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy and forced President Lyndon Baines Johnson to resign. Then they went underground. Now they're back with a plan to assassinate thirty key members of the Democratic Party. If they succeed, America will be in the hands of a small group of Republican sociopaths bent on establishing an oligarchy.

A powerful Washington lawyer, influential in the Democratic Party, discovers the plot and sends a petty thief to steal the Republican Manifesto and the hit list but the thief is captured, tortured and murdered by the RAU and the documents disappear.

Annabella Witherspoon, her bounty hunter brother, Dan, and Annabella's mentor are all that stand between the RAU and the destruction of the United States Constitution ... and Dan has disappeared. Annabella must find her brother, the Republican Manifesto, and the hit list before forces from either political party locate and murder Dan.

About the Author

Charles Whiten is a lawyer practicing in Anderson, South Carolina. He has been a life-long member of the Democratic Party, has run for Public Office, and knows firsthand the infighting occurring within political parties.

Mr. Whiten has represented political candidates in Court Actions and has been active in numerous political campaigns. His insight from various angles of the political process is unique and distilled.