Enema Story

by Normane Cobbleson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 06/04/2000

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781403329820
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781587211621

About the Book

Enema Story is adult fiction written primarily for those who judiciously take enemas or colonic irrigations based upon health or religious beliefs, or for sexual enhancement. Also, someone trying to understand why another takes them may find the story revealing. Of course, there is always room for the open minded and curious.

This novella is reality based and historically accurate. The world is divided on the subject, with those for and against enema use just as adamant. Since ancient Egyptian times, people have taken enemas: kings, queens, American presidents, the religious, and farmers, to name a few groups. The beloved Princess Diana, God rest her soul, was known to frequent a colonic irrigation clinic. One well-known American entertainer believes in taking coffee enemas to treat her depression. Only a statistician could estimate how many millions practice the therapy worldwide. Based upon hundreds of hours of study and discussions on the Internet, it would be safe to guess that most older users were given their first enema at the hands of a caring and loving mother during early childhood. Many doctors of a past era recommended the sensible use of them to treat and prevent illness.

Although they are not fashionable today, full displays of enema equipment in drugstore windows and multi-page advertisements in major catalogues are etched in the author's memory. The end of the 'golden age' of the enema generally correlates with the introduction of antibiotics, doctors' liability, and diminished interest in self-care. Much of the book is based upon information gleaned from Internet chats, where people are free to discuss intimate topics with anonymity.

Enema Story is about the life of a fictional character, Charlie Wisner. The time frame is from the late 1930s to the new millennium. The story details the enema and colonic irrigation aspects of the character's life from childhood through college and military service, then onto marriage. The novel is unusual because the subject matter has been considered taboo in recent years, and the focus of the story is on this aspect of Charlie's life. The story includes much about Charlie's sex life. His moral mind set developed during a time prior to the sexual revolution and widespread use of the birth-control pill. This narrow focus presented a challenge and produced an interesting approach to storytelling.

The author hopes readers will find the story to be interesting and entertaining, but an underlying purpose of Enema Story is to suggest to the enema user, who may feel isolated, that he or she is far from alone in their use. For example, I know that there are many who think that they are the only person who self-administered an enema as a child, but they should know that I have communicated with dozens of people who admit to giving themselves enemas as young children or teenagers. Although the author writes about intimate subjects in this book, it is done with the intent of telling a story about a human being with a good soul, and natural motives.

About the Author

The author has experienced a full range of blessings in life which include: a loving and full childhood with outstanding parents, college and legal educations, a successful business and professional life, a wonderful marriage with children, and last but certainly not least, good health.

He has also been through the school of hard knocks, where he learned the most, especially his appreciation of life itself.

He considers himself now blessed with the opportunity to write. He creates from the perspective that among the great gifts that our Creator most often gives man is health, which includes our sexuality. The author feels that the gift of health requires responsible care of and use of the body early on. The author views himself as looking at life through a set of clean eyes, which allows him to see our souls and bodies with a sense of wondrous beauty. He knows that this perspective is contrary to how some are socialized, but it feels right for him.