Apprentice to a Death Defier Part 1:

Scales of the Dragon

by Avendar Dragon



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 06/04/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 200
ISBN : 9781585003679

About the Book

The Scales of the Dragon is a consolidation of the dreaming journeys of power that I have had with my benefactor and mentor, the original Nagual and Death Defier, Quetzalcoatl. It is written as dreams and experiences I have had apart from my mundane affairs. I did not have the benefit of the presence of the Nagual in daily life. The presence of such a being was stronger in dreaming. As such the book may seem fragmented to some. For this very reason the demand is to read closer. There is an essential unity that when understood will take you in a similar direction that I had experienced. The way of the Seer is to see the aspects that are not so apparent upon the surface.

In this book is contained what I understand to be the legacy of a most ancient band of seers. These seers are called the Death Defiers. Castenada talks about them sparingly in 'The Fire From Within' and in 'The Art of Dreaming.' The information of their existence and their worlds were transmitted to me in the most unusual way. Apart from coming in dreaming, it was transmitted through a more fundamental language. This is the language of sentient electricity. I have come to know that I had been trained in another time to be able to take such fundamental currents of sentient energy and translate them into a native tongue. The next step was no less difficult. Once I got the information I had to bring it back with me from dreaming and write it down as accurately as I could.

As I undertook my path I have come to know that there is a larger life that is more physical than the one we lead normally. This is the life that ancient seers have extended themselves into as a means to a greater practicality. In this life I trained as a mnemonic. This is a Warrior training in the process of remembering. Such Warriors fight to remember the most complex and difficult notions under the worst circumstances. I have found that what I have fought to remember is just one part of a larger plan. Others contain similar material. One of the purposes of this book is act as a catalyst for others to realize this possibility within themselves. The groundwork is being formed for the Toltec Renaissance.

As I went through the process of translating, remembering and editing this information a process of development ensued. The visions continued and new information flowed through while in dreaming and while awake as well. Also a line of development that produced results occurred. I had been frustrated in such development by other methods. Even as I admired Castenada's description of the Sorcerers world of Don Juan, I found it inaccessible. On the other hand I had found the approach of the Death Defier very practical and accessible. Many of those practical secrets are contained in the book.

There are many levels in this book. There are different ways to read the book. You can scan through it and accept it is a fantasy. You can read deeper and try to understand its source by applying the knowledge that you find interesting or stimulating. You can recapitulate the descriptions in your own way and utilize them as gateways into those worlds. You can reconcile the knowledge in this book as a part of your own practical intent. You can consolidate its seeming fragmented state into a Seers unified sense and realize a deeper unity within yourself as well. I had to do the same thing as well.

About the Author

This diary of the dreams and visions of Avendar Dragon is the continuing legacy of an exploration that was began by Carlos Castenada. Although there has never been any contact between these two individuals, the reading of Castenada's works has stimulated the author of The Scales of the Dragon with new insights into this most hidden of traditions. There were many events that led Avendar to the meeting with his benefactor and the subsequent entry into the strange worlds of ancient seers. Avendar took on the most rigorous training. This training was not as easy as one that was overseen by an actual benefactor as in the Don Juan Matus Carlos met with regularly. The training was held in other worlds whose only connection to this realm of everyday practical notions is through dreaming or telepathy. Under these conditions Avendar Dragon trained as a Warrior, healer, seer and exorcist.

Quetzalcoatl is the benefactor and teacher of Avendar Dragon. He is known as the Plumed Serpent in the lore and legend of ancient Meso-America. Moreso he is the original Nagual and Death Defier. He was the one that brought esoteric knowledge to the civilizations of the planet Earth that eventually led to the lineage that ended with Don Juan and Carlos Castenada and his cohorts.

There are many contingencies that Warriors have to prepare for. The reason for these contingencies is not clear. All that can be said is that Carlos Castenada and Don Juan was the result of one such contingency. We have come to know other contingencies. Merilyn Tunnesehende and John Black Crow is another. Ken Eagle Feather and his Don Juan is another. Of course Florinda Donner and Taisha Abelar as cohorts of Carlos and Don Juan represent another. Others exist that we do not know of yet. Maybe we never will. Maybe this is something that one has to fall into by the old means of being in the right place at the right time or somehow be chosen by the omens.

Anyway, the contingency of Avendar's story is clearer. Avendar Dragon leads a double life. Most all do, except Avendar makes a place for that in his life. It is a part of an all-consuming search to know a deeper reality that is only partially known in daily mundane existence. There is more. There is another side to life of which the realm of daily existence is a mere shade in comparison. The worlds of the Death Defier is that 'other side.' It is a realm beyond the borders of normal dreams. There is a separate life there that sometimes touches the one of daily existence. This other life is one that has more universal significance. It is not isolated as its counterpart seems to be.

There is nothing that sets Avendar apart from humanity. There is no uniqueness. For that matter, educationally, he is less. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree as the epitome of his educational experience and decided not to continue in the conventional pursuit of knowledge. On the other side he decided to experiment with unconventional means of attaining knowledge. He utilized the sacraments of the 60s in the 70s. As a result of this he had uncovered vast amounts of knowledge that he did not really know what to do with. This knowledge went for nothing as he lost energy in the pursuit of it. He realized that he was slowly dying. It became a matter of recovering the lost energy that had been spent in a reckless pursuit. He had spent more than a quarter of a century seeking to repair the damage. This process led him to a new understanding. He had to start from the grassroots level and had to take that new understanding of the function of transcendence into a new practicality.