The Pink Lady

by Theresa L. Sondys



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 294
ISBN : 9781585001170

About the Book

In an attempt to start her life over, Jayne moves into a Victorian mansion known as 'The Pink Lady,' and meets Jack. On her first night in the house, vandals attack the facade. She begins receiving threatening calls. Notes. Someone breaks in. She finds a butcher knife through her teddy bear's chest. Unable to find any evidence that anyone has entered the house, the police begin to doubt Jayne's sanity. So does she. Did she really see what she thought she saw? Hear what she thought she heard? In spite of her doubts, Jack believes her. Believes in her. As the relationship between Jack and Jayne deepens, the attacks against her and her property escalate. Jayne thinks Jack is the cure for all her problems. Others aren't so sure. They think he's the cause.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Michigan AIDS Fund.

About the Author

Theresa Sondys, author of The Pink Lady, a novel of mystery and suspense, is a busy woman. By day, she's the Manager of Finance and Administration for one of southeast Michigan's most highly respected philanthropic foundations. Evenings and weekends, she juggles her daughter's clarinet and piano lessons, her son's hockey schedule, her husband, her house and a host of volunteer activities with a promising budding writing career. When does she find time to write? 'You never find time for anything,' Theresa explains. 'If it's important enough to you, you make the time.' Her writing is like that. Any spare moment is put to good use. 'I'm never without a book. If I have to wait at the doctor's office, during music lessons, or anywhere else, I'm reading,' she says. 'It's good research.' She also puts driving, cleaning or exercise time to use by working plot and character development through in her head. Theresa began writing approximately five years ago when a work-related injury caused an extended leave of absence. Unused to 'doing nothing' all day, she began putting her mental energy to work planning and researching material for her novel. When doctors instructed her to type two hours per day as part of her physical therapy regime, words tumbled out onto the paper. What began as a curse turned into a labor of love. 'It's like I finally found my calling,' Theresa smiles. 'I was born to be a story-teller.' 'I love to escape reality by reading and writing fiction,' she says. But Theresa also has a foot, and her heart, firmly planted in the real world. She has promised a percentage of all royalties she receives on the sale of The Pink Lady to the Michigan AIDS Fund. 'There's no escape from the reality of AIDS,' she explains. 'Only the hope that with compassion, creativity, commitment and cold, hard cash, we can win the war against it.'