An Oregon Tale

by Dave Whiteman



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 264
ISBN : 9781585001552

About the Book

These are the tales of Dave's adventurous, yet accident filled, youth set in a mostly rural environment. These stories will make you laugh until you cry, scratch your head in total puzzlement, just plain cry and then laugh some more, all the while bringing back many memories of your own childhood, or thankful that these weren't your childhood memories. Some of his laughter and pain, may be your own gain.

His body of work has been compared to a cross between Patrick McManus and Garrison Keillor. His body has been compared to a cross between Fabio and Woody Allen. His mind has been compared to a cross between Shakespeare and biscuits & gravy.

His stories are a down home account of the last forty years in this changing world. Most are of his youth but some also blend the past with the present. These tales take the reader back to simpler times of days gone by in a wonderful state called Oregon. The stories are all true and as he says, 'There are plenty of court records, witnesses, physical and emotional scars to prove all of them!'

The book contains 65 chapters and these are but a few of the many subjects and exploits within:

How Nutria came to Oregon - Little Connestogas or Spaceships?

What mice and the Boot Scoot Boogie have in common,

What the police did with the dead deer riding Dave's bicycle,

Skinny-dipping with monsters,

What love and moonstruck watermelon have in common,

Elvis and the bloated cow,

Raiding apple orchards at midnight,

Why streaking and strolling are not conducive,

Crawling naked into a nutria den,

Why sometimes FIRE! Just happens,

What NOT to do when FIRE! Just happens,

Fighting Dust Spitting Cobras on a Christmas Tree farm,

What 007, Calvin Klein, J.Edgar Hoover, and the Beatles had to do with bean picking,

Hitchhiking do's and don'ts,

The dangers of troutsicles,

Why cats, pistachio's and bicycles can't be trusted,

The downside to converting a chicken coop into a sauna,

(Believe it or not, there is also an upside)

Surviving your siblings in the country,

Seeking fame and fortune in Alaska,

Porcupines in my pants,

And many, many more.

About the Author

Dave Whiteman was born in 1954 in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. He still lives in a small town in that same valley, now raising his own children. Dave is a single parent who originally wrote these stories so that his three sons would know of a special place, with special people, during a magical time, long, long ago. His children are his biggest fans and describe their Dad and his book with their quote 'Never judge a book by its Author!'

Dave's parents worked in the sawmills and feed-stores of yesteryear, and through example, taught their kids a very strong work ethic and unique outlook on life. They raised themselves and their five rambunctious, hell bent for leather, and just plain strange children, out in the country. Dave thinks it was the town's idea that his family live out in the country as he believes the town wasn't ready for his renegade siblings or their adventures. After reading these stories, you will tend to agree.