Hail Mary

by Muriel F. Boudreaux



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 03/02/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9781585005055

About the Book

As you know, the Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared to the people of the world on numerous occasions with the purpose of increasing devotion to her Son, our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, and to show us the way to gain our salvation.

Now through the Grace of God, who used my hand to write this story of her life, Mary is coming to us in the 21st Century, to encourage us to follow her example and put our lives in God's hands.

You can face the new millennium with confidence as you read Mary's story. Part fact, part fiction, Mary's life will motivate you to reach greater personal triumphs as you put your life in God's hands and allow Him to help you reach your ultimate goals!

About the Author

Since I first met God in 1927, when I was baptized, I have been an only child, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a career woman and now, because of writing this book, an author. All my life I have known that God was in heaven, watching over me. When I was little I knew Him through my prayers, 'Now I lay me down to sleep.' When I went to school and catechism I learned how He made the world. I learned how His Son, Jesus, was born to a virgin named Mary and I prayed, 'Hail Mary, full of Grace.' I walked the Stations of the Cross along with Jesus and Mary when He was crucified and learned why He suffered and died for our sins. I prayed, I went to church, I believed!

It wasn't until 1959, my son was ten years old, when I went back to work and my boss suggested we read The Power of Positive Thinking that I met a God I hadn't known before. He loved me! He wanted the best for me, if only I believed in Him, I could expect a miracle, because He was on my side!

I freely gave those beliefs to everyone I came in contact with, which as time went on became a considerable amount of people. By the time my granddaughter was born in 1971, I was in the reducing business and soon became supervisor of the whole southern division of a nation-wide reducing business. Everyday at one o'clock we would all ask, 'God, please send us people we can help and help us to help them.' Due to the success of my division, I was asked to share my ideas about God and the way He would help us with the other divisions around the country.

When ten years ago I was operated on for cancer, which had invaded my female organs along with part of my bladder and colon, for the first time I asked God for a miracle for myself. The doctors, I had two surgeons, said God was in the operating room! They, by working together, were able to remove all of the cancer! I had had my miracle!

Everyday, since then, I have thanked God for everything He has done for me. Soon I found myself saying when I thanked Him, 'I wish there was something I could do just for You.' Then the thought would come into my head, 'Write about My mother.' I resisted that thought for a long time. What I knew about Mary, everybody knew. What could I say to make anyone want to read what I wrote about her; however, the thought persisted, 'Write about My mother.' So I decided to see what had been written and found many books written about Mary after her Assumption into Heaven, but very little written about her life on earth. For two years I read everything I could find about Jesus and Mary and the time in which they lived. I made notes, outlines and finally I was ready. It took me a long time. I would write a few passages and then in a quiet moment a better way would come to me. Finally my husband and I bought a computer, instead of going on a trip, to celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary, and the writing and editing became easier. I believe God was not only my inspiration, but also my editor. He helped me to put the words on paper and in the mouths of the Holy Family that would show you the way to heaven and eternity, and to let you know when you need help -- just say, 'Hail Mary.'