Sophia's Web: Understanding the Unity and the Diversity of Religion,Science,and


by Burl B. Hall



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Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 135
ISBN : 9781585003334

About the Book

The universe is akin to a multi-dimensional cube. Each point in the universe mirrors and reveals itself as every other point. Enveloped within this mind-set, I wrote my book: Sophia's Web: Understanding the Unity and Diversity of Religion, Science, and Ourselves.

This is a book where Science, Christianity, Judaism, Atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Native Spirituality become various faces of one Divinity. 'Sophia (Wisdom) is multi-faced,' the Bible says. There is unity in diversity and diversity in unity.

This 'multi-dimensional cube' vision of the world reflects more than the unity of diverse religions. It is a view encompassing all. In my book, sexuality becomes a manifestation of eating, and eating becomes a manifestation of cognition. 'Your words are food for thought!' Words fertilize (are seminal to) the Psyche and serve as an impulse (Eros) to the birth of new ideas, thoughts, attitudes, etc. Mommy eats Daddy and here we are. The Earth absorbs a decaying tree (mulch), couples with sunlight and generates new life. Same idea. Human sexuality mirrors universal processes. As above, so below.

The beauty of all this is that we are the process. Our individual lives are a facet of the multi-dimensional cube that is a unity. To illustrate this, I use personal experience to show how my life fits into ancient spirituality and modern day quantum physics.

In reading my book, I hope you will re-awaken to what you have known all along. You do not live in a cold universe where your human characteristics exist as aliens. As a child looks like his mommy and daddy, you mirror the All. There is this beautiful Pagan myth where the Goddess sees Herself in a mirror and falls in love with Herself. She then waltzes over to the mirror and kisses Herself. The image then bats Her eyelids, and flutters away from the Goddess. Eventually, this mirror image becomes the created world and forgets who She is. I sincerely hope in reading my book you will re-discover the original kiss given by your Mother. As I will show, it happens always and now. Who else could this mirror image be other than you? This is the message to my book. Read and discover how.

About the Author

Burl Hall is a single 45-year-old man who currently works within the field of mental health. He has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in Psychology, and a Master's degree from Towson State University in Counseling Psychology. Burl currently works as a mental health therapist in Virginia.

Burl's interest in the Goddess has been life-long. Even as a child, he had a deep love and awe for Her. This love is eternally passionate. Burl describes it as a longing for Home. This passionate quest for Home has included visions of the Goddess as a five year old, and a falling in love with Her as Athena, or Wisdom, at the ripe age of seven. Intuitively, Burl realized Wisdom as a Woman because She gave birth to Thought. This idea simply made intuitive sense to him and became the impetus for his philosophical speculations on gender.

In the spring of 1992, Burl began having a series of dreams in which his childhood Goddess-friend reappeared. He realized the Woman whom he saw in the dreams was the Goddess. Indeed, he realized it was She who created the dreams and Her image. The image became realized as a projected form serving as a metaphor for a power that had no form. IMAGE DESCRIBED FUNCTION. These dreams and their meaning were the fathering impulse to the birth of his current book, Sophia's Web.

Burl has never felt any particular religion was right, or THE WAY; including his own. The Way for him involves creative process and not dogma. As such, it became a driving force for him to realize the unity of all religions. This unity he knew intuitively in his heart. It had been within him forever. In this, it appeared to Burl that all knowledge hides away within us, awaiting discovery. It was this idea that attracted him to the physics of David Bohm and his theory of the Unmanifest Implicate Order. What has yet to unfold in our surface minds awaits birth from within its Implied State existing within us. In Burl's mind, this idea fit into ancient ideas about the Goddess. Physics had married the Goddess. His book is the celebration of this marriage. Want to join in the festivities?