Y2K Bug:

The Prelude

by Robert Douglas Buss



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 14/03/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 292
ISBN : 9781585001767

About the Book

This is the story of the crash of our present society caused by massive computer systems lock-ups. It is also the story of people caught up in the economic and social upheaval created by that coming meltdown. Todd Vanderstahl was on the fast track to success, then he learns that his beautiful second wife is having a seedy affair and that his employer is using his computer expertise to manipulate the stock market.

As this drama unfolds, we see people across the country come to realize the extent of the failures that are waiting at the century rollover. There are vignettes of power companies systems checkers, North Sea oil rigs and frustrated corporate computer managers. When the crisis comes, we see the government paralyzed, not only by downed computers, but even more by its own lack of tax revenues in the general collapse of business.

This is a story of sexual degradation that is redeemed by love, of gun battles in the streets of New York and of a small group of survivors making a new life for itself away from the gloom and despair that hangs over the rest of society.

About the Author

Fifty-three year old Robert Buss began writing in 1990 after an extensive study of prophecy. He has completed a trilogy of adventure/international intrigue novels that tell the story of the second coming, as Alfred Hitchcock would like it told. The Y2K Bug: The Prelude begins that story, as divine forces set in motion the events which will culminate 30 years from now in the end of our age.