Inspector Loop Visit America

by Danny B. Lamont



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 188
ISBN : 9781585001088

About the Book

Inspector Loop visits America is the first in a series of books involving Inspector Ulnar Lewis Loop, the foremost authority in the Science of Fingerprints.
The Inspector's quiet life as a retired fingerprint and crime scene specialist at New Scotland Yard comes to a sudden end as he is ordered by his government to go to the United States and study the Federal Bureau of Investigation's new fingerprint super computer located in West Virginia.

At his first stop in Washington, D.C. while visiting with the Director of the FBI, his orders are changed and he is thrust into the mystery of several bank robberies that have happened in and around Boston, Massachusetts. During his trip to that city, he learns of a ruthless plot by unknown persons to end his life.

At his final destination of Smaller Wormwood, Massachusetts, he meets some very professional forensic specialists, who, with some assistance by the Inspector, come up with some very surprising methods in the processing of latent print evidence.

The reader, through the words and eyes of the characters, will meet some interesting people, learn how fingerprint comparisons are really made, and other aspects of this forensic science. It is all told with some tongue in cheek humor without the use of sex, foul language, or violence.

About the Author

Danny Lamont is currently working towards his twenty-seventh year in the Science of Fingerprints. He has also been a member of the International Association for Identification since 1983.
He started his career at the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Fingerprint Examiner in 1972 and was employed by them for ten years. During that time, he classified, searched, identified, and located inked fingerprint cards. Mr. Lamont was also a Cabinet Instructor in fingerprint training for several Student Groups.

For the past sixteen years, he has been a Latent Print Examiner. Besides teaching new Fingerprint Technicians, training law enforcement personnel in the processing of latent evidence at crime scenes using powder, and taking inked fingerprints, he also wrote the lesson plans for each of these classes.

And because of Mr. Lamont's work with children at two local schools doing a career day talk and demonstration in the Science of Fingerprints, he has also developed a coloring book featuring nine copyrighted fingerprint people to help young children better understand the different fingerprint patterns.

He lives with his wife in Alabama.