My Father Calls Me

by Don Marr



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 06/04/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 128
ISBN : 9781585007400

About the Book

Ever want to touch God? We've all wondered about life and the existence of God. If you had a chance to ask God anything, what would you ask?

In 1992, businessman Don Marr was taking dictation from what he thought were angels or spiritual beings (A Gateway To Higher Consciousness), when, quite by surprise, the conversation took a sudden turn. The spiritual being identified itself as God, Goddess, All That Is. From there, the dialogue got very interesting and Don began to ask the questions that we've always wanted to ask.

What's this thing called love? What about sex? What are we doing here? What happens when you die? What about sin, guilt and judgment? Do people exist on other planets? What can you do to improve your intimate relationships?

The answers he received may surprise you, they may shock you or they may raise more questions. You may find comfort and a deeper sense of meaning in your life and even answers to your own unanswered questions.

My Father Calls Me (One Man's Way Back To God) 'Reviews and News:'

'Don Marr's conversations are delightful. Filled with warmth, wit and humor, he manages to entertain, educate and answer many of the questions I have wanted to ask.'
-L. Sterling

'This book caught me by surprise. I felt the struggle from the relative plane of duality to see and understand the metaphysical truths coming from the absolute, the Universal Mind. The dialogue between self and Higher Self was quite profound. All the material seemed rooted in Source and expressed in a way for the greater good of all.'
-D. Chan

'Don's book is a great tool to guide you through our ultimate human responsibility. Reading this book has been therapeutic and inspirational. I am thrilled to have read it several times.'
-D.C. Leonard

'My Father Calls Me has been a stimulating morning meditation for me. This book gives me a question for my day and helps me remember who I am. It is an exercise for strengthening my spiritual muscle . . '
-K. Walburger

'Your book shifts the directionality of choice from spiritual will imposed on the individual to creation by the individual himself, a provocative sense, both for the evolution of spirituality of the individual and for the evolution of spirit globally.'
-J.L.S., MS, CPA

'This book of Don Marr's is great. It's great for those who have very little experience in spiritual reading and is helpful for those who have been on 'a path' for several years. A new look at dilemmas continuing for the human race.'
-C. Cunningham

'Don asked questions that subliminally reach the surface of my consciousness continually. The spirit with which I live my life has truly been enhanced, developed and transformed from reading this book. Of course, it was perfect 'synergistic' timing for me ...'
-C. Porter

'I enjoyed so much reading the dialogue. It was honest and faced the hardest questions of our Universe . . . It is wonderful seeing yourself in everything without judging . . . I will write the words . . . 'choose who you are' because for me, it was the beginning. Thank you.'
-E. Brouse

My Father Calls Me (One Man's Way Back To God) Contents: Universal Mind Knowing The Evolution of Human Life on Earth & Other Worlds Life on Planet Earth -- Reality or Illusion? Sickness & Health Guilt & Commitments Death & Choice Oneness & The Donald Duck Law $Money, Income, Lifestyle, Freedom & Control of Destiny 'Light' & En-Light-enment Are You With Me, God? Managing Your Ego Separation & Abandonment Sex What's So Special About Me That I'm Talking With You, God? Abortion & Conception Why Me? The Devil, Deception & Response-Ability Choices and Free-Will Winning the 'Happiness' Lottery Jesus Christ Teaching Children About God Who & What Is God? Relationships Sin Practicing Universal Mind Consciousness in Business Politics & Government Crime & Punishment Am I Making This Conversation Up? Race Relations The 'I' Religious Wars & Persecution Love & Loving Fulfillment In Closing

About the Author

After completing the requirements for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration at California State University at Fullerton, Don Marr worked in the business world as an advertising consultant for 27 years.

While continuing to work in the business world, Don has become the founder and director of IDEAL SELF SYSTEMS, an organization committed to helping people and organizations realize their 'ideal selves.' His favorite pastimes are playing tennis and playing with his family.

Don encourages all to read this material and pass it on to a friend.