And The Con Goes On

by Lauren Starski



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/02/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 524
ISBN : 9781585003587

About the Book

Dan Grenetti could toy with your credit history and Social Security Number without your knowledge. As a scam artist working the furnace and air conditioning business, he acquired numerous political and governmental allies in Indiana, while living in Illinois. With authorized access to a credit reporting computer terminal, he also moonlighted as a pirate, using the stolen, and now fraudulent, information for personal gain.

Such white-collar crimes are small-scale incidents of non-violent means, important only to the victims who suffer humiliation, despair, anger and financial ruin. As a victim, would you remain silent and not challenge the distorted credit histories, or get involved and report these nationwide law violations as Lauren did? Would you be prepared for the consequences?

Using the basic tools of the trade, the law, mind games and his bag of tricks, Dan controlled the situation and his victims over the years. Due to the indifference of the credit reporting companies, creditors and government agencies, Dan was actually allowed to continue his caper for a few more years without interference. He was considered a 'small potato' and his actions did not warrant an immediate or thorough investigation, even though more victims came forward.

Finally, Dan was partially restrained and pleaded guilty to two counts of mail fraud. This plea enabled Dan to avoid prosecution for the other crimes, including computer fraud and abuse. By the wayside, Dan left several victims financially burdened as he walked away from a $2,100,000 lawsuit he initiated against Lauren and her husband. The entire incident was conspicuously swept under the rug and did not set precedent. Therefore, the credit reporting companies can continue to allow exposure of their credit history files to such perpetrators without hesitation and remain unaccountable for such intrusions of privacy.

About the Author

Lauren Starski currently resides in northwest Indiana with her husband and two daughters. For over 25 years, her employment encompassed various sectors of business. Through consumer awareness presentations, she presently addresses various safety issues.