Hold Until Spring

by Loren E. Robinson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 332
ISBN : 9781585001514

About the Book

Hold Until Spring is the order Major Mark Collins' guerrilla unit received to hold the Japanese advance in the mountains of Idaho and Montana until relieved.

The story is based on the assumption Japan had captured the Hawaiian Islands after Pearl Harbor, then attacked the poorly defended West Coast. Many of the descriptions in this story are true, based on U.S. Army Air Force historical books, U.S. Military Installations in 1939-40, Veterans of Foreign Wars World War II Memorial Edition and the World Book Encyclopedia. Oregon was bombed. The description of the attack at Hamilton and March Fields, the destruction of the air depot at Sacramento, the landing of troops on the California Coast and destruction of aircraft factories, follows a command post exercise drawn up in 1939 by the U.S. Fourth Army to test the West Coast defenses. A military report to Congress, indicating the poor defense conditions of the West Coast, went unheeded because it was believed the Pacific Ocean was the best deterrent.

The movement of Japanese forces and their strategy, after the invasion, is a composite version by present day military historians at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington. The cities mentioned are true except for Peace River, which is a fictional town in the path of the Japanese advance. However, it is based on an actual town with a population of 900, which lies along the river on the highway from Spokane to Clark Fork.

About the Author

Loren Robinson has had a variety of experiences to draw on for his stories. He served as a gunner on a navy dive-bomber in World War II, became a professional forester, logger, sawmill owner and businessman. He spent time as an athletic coach and a sports writer.

He tried retirement, didn't like it, and turned to volunteer service helping young troubled adults learn to read and write.

Loren lives with his wife in Spokane, Washington and takes vacation trips to visits his children in Texas and California. On these trips, he studies the land and scenery for settings on future stories.

At present, Loren has written ten novels, all published on audio tape. His genre varies: Science fiction, westerns, mystery, historical, military.