God's Truths, Your Life, Your Choice

by Johnny L. Hatfield



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/1/2000

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 132
ISBN : 9781585001569

About the Book

Freedom of choice is wonderful but many will die lost without God by choice. Jesus has done everything possible to rescue your soul from hell except force you to serve him. He won't do that because you have God given freedom of choice. The Lord will allow you to believe whatever you will. You can believe there is no God and this whole world came into existence by accident, as some do. You can believe Jesus was just a man that lived upon this earth or you can believe He is the son of the living God. You can believe Heaven isn't a real place, as some do, or you can believe hell is only a state of mind, the grave, or the only hell you will ever see is living upon this earth. The choice is yours. The Bible describes Heaven and the blessings therein and the Bible describes hell and its torments, but who says you have to believe the Bible? You have the choice.

When you read this book you will have the opportunity to make one of the most critical choices you have ever made if you aren't saved. You can decide to read this book, Heaven or Hell, your choice, if you want Heaven to be your eternal home, Jesus is your only possible chance. There is no other door to Heaven. You had better count up the cost and pray because this could be your last chance to choose.

Hell is a real place. Please beware! God has given all of us freedom of choice for our own life, and many times we face difficult choices. Why would anyone exchange eternal life, love, peace, joy and happiness for temporary pleasures in sin and the end result be eternal damnation? If we miss out on going to Heaven, all of our accomplishments in this life will be in vain.

About the Author

There isn't anything remarkable about my life except I am a born again Christian. I have preached the gospel of Christ for fifteen years without compromise. I believe the word of God is infallible and living holy is for all Christians. I am very limited in education, worked in the coal mines about twenty five years, but God has given me the ability to teach, preach and write about biblical subjects. I have written another book, and the title is: Is There Anything Too Hard For The Lord?