Poetry & Prose

by Frank Burie



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/12/1998

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 100
ISBN : 9781434388032

About the Book

The big ‘I’ thinking, talking, writing about myself. My self center was in upheaval, yet it was all I had. So many experiences from earlier years of my life did not work or were simply gone. My life was an exploding universe and when it cleared some, I could see so many others. Then the strength part, or lack of, I strived for my zero center. Asking for understanding was a gamble I could ill afford to lose. I have met so many people whose experiences humble me and thinking back ,was it all as tough as I remember? Stunned by the survival of my senses, I can only conclude it’s all part of the big picture. So I am sitting here in a place in the woods, not enough rain for the stream to flow, thinking over so many parts of mine and others lives. I criticize my work. Some are not me. There are too many simple words rhymed again and again. I can only say I lived each word I wrote and at times as fast as possible without the speed of light taking it from my mind in a natural emotional preservation of time and times yet to live in a good life.

About the Author

Frank Burie is in his early forties and lives in the midwestern United States.