Get Your Book Ad on the Airwaves with the Radio UK — Basic

Looking for a way to reach out to your readers on a large scale? Radio is a reliable and widespread platform to promote your book on. Whether at work or home, via mobile phone or satellite broadcast in your car—radio is accessible virtually everywhere.

Today, Radio Is As Strong As Ever

49.2 million adults tune in to the radio every week—that’s 90% of the country’s population 15 years old and above. RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research), the official body in charge of tracking radio audiences in the UK, even reports that this number is up by half a million compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

And That's Not All:

  • Listeners tune in to about 8 hours of live radio every week.
  • 63% of the population tune in to digital radio every week.
  • 34 million people are now listening to radio through a digitally enabled receiver
  • 3 in 5 adults listen to radio via a digital platform.

The Power of Radio

  • Radio Sells with Intimacy

With the added benefit of the human voice, radio makes it possible for a large and varied audience to hear your message while making them feel like you’re talking directly to them.

  • Radio Evokes Emotions with Sound

Want a 100-piece symphony orchestra in your ad? The trumpet of an elephant? A laughing child? With emotion-evoking sounds, radio triggers a 'theatre of the mind' that stimulates the most evocative feelings and images the mind can comprehend.

  • Radio Puts You Front and Centre

When your ad is on air, it’s the only message broadcasted on the radio at that moment. Your ad isn’t buried on page 42 or surrounded by distracting ads from competitors.

  • Radio Allows You to Target Readers

The huge variety of broadcasts available allows you to target specific audiences with particular interests, making it possible for you to send a message to the right readers.

Let Your Book Be Heard on the Airwaves

The point is, people still listen to radio a lot. Here at AuthorHouse, we’ve created a service that gives you the opportunity to reach out to potential readers on air through your very own radio commercial.

The Radio UK — Basic

What Do You Get?

  • Script creation and production of your 30-second radio commercial, recorded using a professional voice-over and stock background music.
  • Your commercial aired 35 times over the course of one week on a radio station of your choice (from a provided list).
  • Your book feature on AuthorHouse's very own digital magazine, BookMad.

If you want to broaden your campaign, we also offer options to extend airing for an additional week or have additional airings on a different station:

Radio UK - Additional Week

Your commercial is aired an additional 35 times over the course of another week on the same radio station that you chose.

Radio UK - Additional Station

Your commercial is aired 35 times over the course of one week on another station of your choice (from a provided list).

Ready to take your book on air?

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