Managing Careers and Career Transitions: Work, Workforce & Workplace

by Adebayo Akinloye With Paul Leibowitz, Foreword by Lester Coupland



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Language : English
Publication Date : 02/12/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 124
ISBN : 9781665575928

About the Book

The experiences of COVID-19 and the resulting disruptions on a global scale triggered new dimensions in the world of work. Several businesses are yet to recover from the effects of the pandemic; operationally and economically. Beyond these economic implications, there has been an enormous impact on individual careers and career transitions. Many employees suffered mental illness, career shocks, while others have ventured into careers they would not have previously considered but for the effects of the pandemic and their options to manage these effects. COVID-19 has prompted several reconsiderations not only in the ways we now define “"work"”, “"workforce"” and “"workplace"”but also in terms of how businesses operate and where businesses and employees operate from. Additionally, other key related trends namely, the ‘"Great Resignation"’ and ‘"Quiet Quitting"’ with other patterns have subsequently emerged. These trends and their impacts on talent management cannot be overemphasised. It does seem that the “workplace powers” have shifted to the employees as they now try to redefine what an ideal work and workplace should look like. Again, “compound talents” seem to be dictating/influencing the structure of contracts in organisations and, this determines what contract/s they are willing to enter considering their skills set. The disruption has influenced certain outcomes including, the immersive adoption of the use of technology, necessity for skills upgrade and the positive embrace of flexible work arrangements. There is an emergence of “uncommon leaders; leaders who ordinarily, would not have come on the scene if things were normal. Consequently, this book presents detailed insights into key trends that have now emerged in the new world of work. The author draws on experience and research in guiding business leaders, professionals and talent custodians on theories, methodologies, and tools that can be applied in dealing with these emerging talent management trends.

About the Author

Adebayo Akinloye is a global talent-succession professional with over two decades of HR practice and consulting experience. He specialises in all phases of strong internal talent benchstrength and organisational development strategy;—identifying employee development gaps, identifying talent-succession needs and goals, metrics, processes and tools, training and development to build internal capacity, creating talent-succession communication plans for business leaders, facilitating talent review meetings, coaching others for performance, creating high potential and leadership development programmes, designing assessment and development centre, competency framework, performance management, and graduate development programme to meet specific organisational needs. He leads the discussion, diagnosis, recommendation, and delivery of solutions across the talent management value chain. His experience cuts across the information technology, telecommunications, oil and gas, automotive, earth-moving equipment and heavy machineries, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors. Over the years, he has established himself as a highly skilled professional of repute. An associate member of CIPD, UK and member CIPM, Nigeria. Akinloye is an accredited user of a host of global talent assessment and development tools. He has significant experience in the development and provisioning of assessment services while working with HR, Business Leaders, and Industrial Psychologists in the area of individual assessment and development. Akinloye has handled various talent-succession and organisational development projects across different industries and countries. His professional experience cuts across multi-national, private, and successful family-owned businesses including, May & Baker Nigeria Plc, MTN Nigeria, DAL Group of Companies, North Africa, and as Group Head of HR in Century Group. Akinloye is a graduate of Management Sciences from the University of Jos, Nigeria, with a diploma in HR Management from Cornell University, USA, and a master's degree in International Human Resource Management from Cranfield University School of Management, UK. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in “Psychology of Work” from University of Leicester, United Kingdom.