FAILURE is what defines SUCCESS

by Qyana Howard



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 18/09/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 58
ISBN : 9781728326627

About the Book

About the book Have you ever thought you deserve more out of your life, and thought you were too old to obtain your goal? Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal and didn’t know how to start? Have you ever just wanted to be successful and you wanted to give up because it didn’t happen right away and no matter what you did it just wasn’t going right? Well this story shares information on how your destiny will show you faster than you can blink. An inspiration of truth to help others understand that what we may see as our worst situation and greatest sacrifice is really our biggest blessing. The bigger picture can be displayed when you least expect it and think your time is up to start over. If you’re ready for a breakthrough, then this book will help you find that. Just because you failed at something doesn’t always means failure, it means you are on your way to victory.

About the Author

Qyana Howard is an author and entrepreneur. At a young age receiving the Spirit of Detroit Award, Detroit Charter Revision Commission Award of Distinction for community service and leadership, and also receiving the Academic Achievement Award from singer/ songwriter Anita Baker and being a member of the Anita Baker Foundation/The Bridgforth Foundation is what made her realized her why is to help inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams and to leave a legacy for her children. In 2010 her first publication called The Unsuspected Truth; sometimes things aren’t what they seem is what started her passion for writing. Having the desire to want more she began coming up with recipes such as the Green Caramel Candy Apple Cake and Pink Lemonade cake that wasn’t in her local bakeries which gave her the idea to start her home based business Karlynzies Kakes which was featured on an internet radio show called Destined for Greatness with the radio diva Ms. Monae. Even though this is the beginning she wants to continue to be advocate that no matter who tells you no, or how long it takes, even if you failed numerous times success will eventually happen. Don’t give up!