You Lie, You Cheat

An Internet Dating Site Affair

by Roma Romana



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 16/12/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 410
ISBN : 9781728396552

About the Book

Icautiously logged on the next day, waited, looked around the ‘Carousel’; found nothing I liked. Well maybe there were a couple of possible candidates. Mostly they were old, bold, limited education, short and ugly. The leftovers are all in here, I thought. I suppose I am too old now to have anything but leftovers. Even at 57 years of age I considered myself pretty much of a catch, attractive, still very sexually active, full of life, fairly young looking, I dress in a young style, have my own home, I don’t smell of mould quite yet and I looked at the men my age who could have all been my grandfathers. How many of them lie about their age, I wonder? Surely they don’t age that quickly? I said ‘Hello’ to three of them and crossed my fingers. Every day seemed like employment rather than enjoyment; I would spend most of my time deleting the ones I didn’t like and the more time I spent on-line, the more monsters I received winks from. As one was deleted, two, who saw that my profile was active, would pop up with cheesy chat up lines. “What’s a beautiful woman like you doing on a site like this?” they would ask. The same as you, you plonker, looking for a mate not a player thanks - or a fat, bold, short, unwanted reject like you. I can understand why some mothers agree to abortion… Ouch! And on to the next…………………………………………….

About the Author

Roma Romana was born to an English father and an Italian mother. She was educated in England and graduated as a marketing and sales executive. Roma worked for many years in a PR business and encountered many interesting people. From her love of studying people and social behaviour, she diverted her attention to counselling. It is now time to share those experiences. Roma uses humour, love and tragedy in all her works.