100 Text Msges From a President

Cannot Judge the Book by Its Cover

by Pascal M.B. Sama



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 21/02/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781504959063

About the Book

This book speaks to the nature of humanity and if we really know what we want. It is based on a true story and also contains broad knowledge of topics designed to inform, entertain and educate the reader. The book is written in ordinary language. It contains opinions, anecdotes, ethical dilemma, history, medical science, legal reasoning, proverbs, quotes, and some meditations on love related information. The author uses all these to reinforce certain points while attempting to broaden the reader’s knowledge. As a nurse and a law school degree holder, the author also combines some medical and legal knowledge to narrate the story. At the same time, the information is explained in a manner that can be understood even by the ordinary person. The book is about a community of people and their young president together in a foreign land. The community was vibrant, charismatic, influential and controversial. It was falling apart and desperately needed unity. The people were desperate and wanted to rebuild their community and the community association that was falling apart. Infightings amongst the people were very common. Several individuals had tried to manage the divisive condition but failed to bring the people together. The young president’s father once tried to manage the people but he was beaten and he left. There was need for leadership but no one wanted the task due to the difficult, charismatic, and influential nature of the people. A young man was called to become the president of the broken and failing community. Against all odds and expectations, he restructured the entire community to a path of growth.The young president’s success took the people by surprise, especially the elites. His leadership tactics dazzled and bamboozled the community. Against all the odds on his side, he became so successful and influential that the same people who had lifted him turned against him. But what happened? Why did good people turn against someone who meant so much good for his people? What were the motives? Were there mistakes? Who made them? Which mistakes were made? Who did what? How did the story end? What happened? I encourage everyone to read this book to its very end. Again, the book also contains a broad knowledge of topics. The author uses all these to inform, entertain and reinforce certain points while attempting to broaden the reader’s knowledge. Enjoy!


About the Author

Pascal Bahbit Mbilain Sama is an American author from the state of Nebraska. Pascal is known for his good sense of judgment but particularly admired for his razor-sharp mind. In 2006, his essay on Stem Cell Research was featured in a North American essay contest collection book called Authors of Tomorrow. This was before he had ever thought of becoming a writer. Pascal Bahbit is very talented. Throughout his life, many people have encouraged him to become a writer. He has a broad and general knowledge on many topics including: nursing & medical science, history, religion, law, mathematics, politics, geography, chemistry, physics, economics, entertainment, and dancing. It is said that he uses his knowledge for the greater good of humanity. In his own words, “I am humble that you can read my book”. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy it”.