The Pre-Natal Assignment

A Journey Into Your Prophetic Destiny

by Angela M. Rucker



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 26/10/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 100
ISBN : 9781477278161

About the Book

The Pre-Natal Assignment will not only bring about change in your life, but it will catapult you to a state of greatness. Dr. Angela Rucker uses the Word of God to take us on a journey of self-realization, selfhealing, and ultimately, the fulfillment of your God-given assignment, Dr. Maureen Chen, Pastor Simple Words Ministry Dr. Angela Rucker is a pathfinder and in “The Pre-Natal Assignment,” she leads and encourages others to discover themselves. I believe that The Pre-Natal Assignment is a guide that God has ordained to awaken readers to the importance of self-discovery. The Pre-Natal Assignment is a “must read.” Dr. Lonise Bias, Ordained Minister Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and Author Throughout the pages of The Pre-Natal Assignment, God uses Dr. Angela Rucker to share, in an electrifying way, the importance of tapping into self-discovery. The wealth of information that is embedded in these pages is life-changing and challenges us to pursue our destiny. To God be ALL the glory! Minister Patricia “Blessed P” Bolt-Thomas Chief Executive Officer, JamzRock Radio The Pre-Natal Assignment is a reading experience like none other. Inspirational, thought-provoking, and captivating, it encourages and compels the soul to dig deep into itself and to be revitalized. This masterpiece is truly a valuable resource to help us understand who we are, why we were born, and what steps we must take to complete our life’s assignment. Apostle Lezlie Downing Hearts of the Cathedral Ministries

About the Author

ANGELA MARIE RUCKER, Th.D., D.D. Dr. Angela Rucker is an international minister, lecturer, and visionary leader. Travelling extensively throughout the world, Dr. Rucker ministers restoration to people who are broken and void of purpose. Dr. Rucker delves into the issues of life and presents an alternative to all of life’s struggles. The focus of her ministry is to teach people how to “Walk in Dominion” so they can discover self and move from brokenness to wholeness. Dr. Rucker serves as the Assistant Pastor of Bride of Christ Church Ministries, International located in Mitchellville, MD., USA. She is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Cradle of H.O.P.E., Inc. Foundation. Dr. Rucker earned a Doctorate in Theology from Andersonville Theological Seminary. She was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity from Eastern North Carolina Theological Institute. Dr. Rucker and her husband, Benjamin, serve together as a team. They are called to go beyond geographical boundaries to teach and preach the uncompromising Word of God. They travel together and plant many churches on different continents.