Nourish the flame within

A guide to connecting to the human soul for Reiki, Martial arts and life.

by Lynette Avis; David Brown



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 08/10/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 164
ISBN : 9781477219133

About the Book

How can a book bring martial arts, meditation, quantum physics, Reiki healing, health, well-being, and one’s place in the world together and explain them in a way that highlights their connection and uniqueness as part of a universal whole? Here, we describe the essence of what binds the universe together and connects these seemingly disparate things, energy. We discuss how energy is the root of all these things and how we can harness its great power and potential to create lives for ourselves that are empowering, exhilarating, loving, and fifilled with a sense of awe and a desire to explore and discover . . . the way life is meant to be!

About the Author

Lynette Avis Lynette is a graduate of the Central St Martin’s School of Art. She trained at many top British art schools. Lynette is trained in interiors, fashion textiles, soft furnishing, and painting and drawing. She has always had creative ability and is a very skilled dressmaker and needle woman also. Lynette loves colour and the ways in which we can use colour to impact our lives. She is also interested in colour theory and is skilled in the use of colour within painting and within interior decorating. Lynette trained as a specialist decorator, which developed further her use of paints and the effects that can be created with colour and texture. She has renovated many properties, which has allowed her to use her many skills. Lynette became ill with M.E. and suffered long term ill-health; it was this that took her on a new and different path. She embarked on a spiritual journey to find answers for her poor health. Lynette was introduced to the world of mediumship and found she had ability within that. She has been a developing medium for many years and now is a teacher of spiritual development, psychic development, mediumship, and Reiki at her Living Energy Studio. Her exploration into subtle energy has further led her to qi kung in which she is a student. Lynette has been learning karate for many years, and it was in karate that she met her co-author David Brown. David Brown With twenty-two years of martial arts and self-development experience, David is also expanding into the arena of life coaching and mentoring. A thriving martial arts and self-development business allows him to explore many areas relating to personal growth, including Zen and other forms of self-knowledge and understanding, including practising meditation and studying ancient teachings of traditional cultures. David has two science degrees and has a number of published papers to his name. He continues researching his interests in science, including neurobiology and quantum physics, and using that to develop his approach to martial arts and life coaching.