Beyond Survival

Seven Principles for Creating the Life You Want

by Carol Stansfield



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9781434341617

About the Book

Do you know what makes you happy?  Can you define what gives meaning to your life? 

The answers are within you.  To find them you must reconnect with who you are.  The seven principles presented in this book will guide you back to your core where you will feel alive, joyful, balanced and empowered.

We have become so externally focused we have lost ourselves.  Happiness blooms from within.  It comes from accepting our own inner greatness and from allowing ourselves the freedom to just be- unlimited.

Using the lessons from her own life and the experiences of her clients, Carol began to identify the keys to self-awareness that eventually evolved into the seven all-encompassing concepts presented in this book.

Time and time again people applying these principles to their lives have experienced dramatic results.  You, too, can experience these results in your life.

"When I went to Carol I felt like I was a prisoner in my own life.  Step-by-step I stripped away beliefs that weren't true for me anymore and discovered who I really was.  As my self-awareness changed so did my life. I couldn't be happier!"

"The simple yet powerful principles presented in this book have changed my life forever! They help me make choices that honor what is right for me and guide me in my daily interactions with others. The more I draw on them, the deeper my understanding.  This may be the greatest gift I will give to my children."


About the Author

Carol Stansfield, M.B.A., M.A., is a life coach and founder of The Center for Life Mastery, a multi-purpose center focused on evolving human consciousness through self-awareness and personal transformation.   You can visit her website by visiting:

It is Carol's hope that Beyond Survival may become one of the many stepping-stones on the way to a revolution in consciousness and a new way of living.