Streams of Consciousness 69 Times

by Jimmy Chan



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Language : English
Publication Date : 14/05/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 284
ISBN : 9781425971229

About the Book

"Streams of Consciousness 69Times" This Is Poetry! " the wind dances across the midnight sky hear the windchimes tickling your mind to find truth heed the wisdom as it fires off from the wisdom tooth..."

Come and take a sophisticated ride of poetry in motion!The "floatry" of this author is based on the voices whispering in the wind as they guide this conscious poet into realms of enlightenment. Romantic, Sultry and Honest is how this poet expresses himself while allowing the reader to journey within his world of droning vibrations based on love and his deep profound passion for l i f e !

S of C 69Times is 269 pages full of beautiful art work, illustrations, photography and rich luscious poetry! It's been a while since someone has bared their soul in such a romantic, caring and self healing way, you can't help but to wonder how this "ghetto buddha"could have possibly journeyed such a path? Are the stories fiction or non?

Travel through the gates of this mindful student as he steps into the Temple Hall of Shaolin and becomes the "heart and spirit of the Buddha"! Warning:some of the images shown and pieces written could make you want to become a disciple to "The Way".

The number 69 is prevalent throughout these 69 chapters for it represents balance as in the yin and yang.

Rule #9 at the temple is simple

"Do not judge any other, only judge your self"

Throughout these pages, examine the wealth in written text form for the Mind, Body and Soul! Some are erotic and others are brewed in the conscious pool! Some are hot while others will keep you cool keep a cuspidor by your side just in case you start to drool!

Welcome to the book of Life!

"Streams of Consciousness 69Times"

About the Author

p>Poetry in Motion!

Kick back and relax while your mind and soul take a mesmerizing flight through these weaving landscapes of images and words known as “Streams of Consciousness 69Times.” Written by one of today’s most forthcoming authors, Chan is guided by love for life, a passion to push forward and a subconscious voice stimulating visions in the cortex to guide this ghetto Buddha towards his destiny! With his “Erato” whispering in his ear, Chan takes you on a sultry and visually stunning trek through his life of challenges as a child that led him to playing the age old game called “Step by Step.” See how he methodically lays out the images and pieces to take you on a most passionate Journey! Throughout these pages, your heart will pulsate and the eyes might shed a tear. The way language is used and words chosen all indicate just how courageous this Buddha soul really is!

Raised by foster parents since the age of 4, Chan learned to watch the world through the eye’s of Elders.”While growing up on the south side of Chicago suburbs of Dixmoore, Harvey as well as in Ida B. Wells housing project and Lake Madows with a few other places in between, who would know this young man would go on to accomplish the things those infant eyes would see and remember? Guided by “visions” as a child, see this author travel to exotic lands while searching for his truth... Chan said that someone spoke to him in a dream and the voice has been whispering to him ever since! These thoughts would eventually guide him to becoming a disciple to 34th Generation Shaolin Monk, Shi Yan Ming Shifu, Founder and Abbott of U.S.A. Shaolin Temple NY,NY. Come and take these steps of contemplation!