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Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 440
ISBN : 9781418448677

About the Book

As the title suggests, this book, written by “Master Coach” Bertalan Bicskei, deals with Youth development, and is one of the most comprehensive, in-depth soccer training manuals ever written on the subject. In each of the eight chapters there are numerous sub­sections illustrated with tables and diagrams that cover all aspects of technical and tactical development of the young soccer player, It evaluates previous works, training methods, and presents various NEW approaches for training different age groups.

According to master coach Bicskei, the young soccer players must be trained differently than adults because physically, psychologically and in muscle development they are going through the growing process, while at the same time we have to differentiate between age groups as they reach different levels of development. The various human organs and systems do not develop in harmony. Each has it’s own periodic, multi-year growth cycle, when suddenly it reaches maturity or begins to develop to a higher level. The trainer must study and fully understand the status and precise point of the multi-year development cycle of the organs and systems because they must emphatically promote these precisely connected physical abilities with the multi-year development of young soccer players.

In the Bicskei youth system, everything is related and connected to everything else, and it is logical to conclude that if the systems are not fully developed at different stages of growth, and the educational and training application is not correctly applied in a timely manner, the ability to learn technical and tactical elements is greatly hindered.

Laslo Keresi.

Soccer/Football Global inc. Chicago. ILL.

About the Author

Bicskei Bertalan was born on September 17, 1944 in Budapest, Hungary. He is married and proud father of three grown boys. When not on a coaching assignment abroad, he resides with his wife in Budapest. As a former professional soccer player he played for several top clubs in Hungary, including the highly popular side, Ferencvaros FC. As a youth player he was frequently member of the National youth select teams, and he also played on the National select teams of Hungary.

After concluding his playing career, he attended the Physical Education University of Budapest where he earned a diploma as a soccer/football coach. In 1986, he successfully completed the highly esteemed “Fussballehren Lehrgang” soccer Institute in Cologne, Germany, while he also studied the history of philosophy for two years, in Budapest. He speaks moderate English and fluent German.

As a coach he worked with top-level Hungarian youth teams for 10 years. From 1977 to 1982 he was coaching director for the MTK FC First Division Youth Program. During this period 20 youth players successfully signed a pro contract with the first team. From 1982 to 1986 he worked for the Hungarian Soccer/Football Federation as coaching director for the U-16 through U-21 select teams. In 1984, under his direction, the Hungarian U-l8 select won the European Championship in Moscow. During his 5-year tenure as Youth National Team coach he discovered many talented players that moved on to the professional level and became famous National team players. During the 10 years he worked with the youth programs in Hungary, he regularly participated in coaching seminars and wrote many articles particularly about youth soccer development. After this period he worked with many First Division professional teams in Hungary and abroad. In 1987/88 Honved FC of Budapest won the Hungarian title and was a finalist in the Hungarian Cup competition. In 1989/90 he was coach of the Hungarian National team, and in 1991 coached the Daewoo Royals to the Korean national championship title and won the Korean Cup. He was voted Coach of the Year in Korea. From 1992 to 1994 he worked as coach in Switzerland and then returned to Hungary to coach in the first division until 1995 when he accepted an offer to coach the First Division team, Al Read in Saudi Arabia. During this period he frequently attended coaching seminars and lectures in Hungary and Europe always striving to learn and study the youth programs of leading soccer nations of the world. While in Saudi Arabia he started work on his book, “The Preparation of the Next Generation of Soccer Players” which was completed and first published in Hungary in 1998 the same year he was selected to coach the National team of Hungary for the second time. In the past few years he has traveled the globe, coaching in the Chinese first division in 2001 and in Egypt in 2003, while he attended soccer seminars and lectured in many countries, including Korea, Switzerland, Germany, China and the United States of America.

In 1997 in recognition of his work in development of soccer, on the recommendation of the Hungarian Soccer/Football association he received the title: “Master Coach” from the Hungarian Ministry of Sport.