Plot your Course to Adventure

How to Be a Successful Cruiser

by Roger Olson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/05/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 672
ISBN : 9781418405762

About the Book

Are you tired of the endless monotony of your daily routine? Have you fantasized about escaping to colorful, exotic islands? The desire to take your own yacht to places you have only dreamed about can become a reality if you acquire the right attitude, the right boat, and some basic nautical skills. The purpose of this book is to help you, the reader, better understand how to achieve these three objectives.

Drawing from his own personal experience of more than twenty-five years of cruising, Roger Olson discusses a wide range of subjects at length, from selecting the proper cruising vessel or refitting your own boat to the appropriate ways of ensuring its seaworthiness. He offers clear explanations on how to handle the sailing vessel in diverse situations and conditions. With him, you will explore different methods of deploying your anchors, as well as a variety of strategies a cruising sailor can utilize in case of an approaching storm. Even the more technical subjects are addressed in a comprehensive, easy-to ­understand manner, and Roger has included numerous diagrams to help clarify and illustrate the ideas and techniques presented in these pages.

The breadth of topics covered, from how to manage mundane problems such as doing laundry and opening coconuts, to dealing with sores and wounds, rats and cockroaches in the tropics, will amaze even the saltiest of cruisers. Yet his step-by-step instructive style will give the beginning sailor the confidence that after reading this book, he or she will have the tools and skills needed for a successful cruise – and the adventure of a lifetime. Roger Olson has peppered his narrative with humorous anecdotes, tragic accounts, and personal stories that reinforce the proper strategies, emphasize safety issues or explain local customs. This book is an absolute must for every cruising yacht's library.

About the Author

Roger Olson, M. Ed., taught for fifteen years in Southern California, spending his summer vacations cruising in the Sea of Cortez. He eventually sailed a 20-foot trailersailer around Baja California. This adventure, published in Yachting Magazine in 1976, created an intense desire to experience other foreign lands. After owning many boats, he found the perfect sailing vessel. He named her Xiphias and set sail to cruise around the world.

After thirteen years of blue water cruising, he returned to the United States and bought the Sam L. Morse Company, a boatyard that produces fine offshore sailing yachts. He worked there for ten years. Today, he is back at sea aboard his new yacht Nereus, doing what he loves best – cruising.