The Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

by Charles H. Huckabay



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 17/09/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 72
ISBN : 9781410775917

About the Book

In the vast Sonoran wastland, about twenty miles east of Phoenix, mighty granite mountains rise some four thousand feet above the desert floor. The Superstitions are the center of mystery and legend, tales that date from the Conquestidor to the lone miner and his burro. Today, it is said that these legends, old maps, and stone tablets hold the key to hidden treasures.

Many have tried, and more than a few have lost their lives, in their search for the secrets of these forboding mountains. Still others have adapted and distorted history in their attempts to tell the stories of the Spanish mines and the Dutchman's lost gold.

Here, in these pages, I will guide you through the path of history and present to you, now, the lost mines of the past . . . uncovered!

About the Author

The author Charles Hoyt Huckabay, grew up around the superstition mountains and found many of the unknown areas that are there. Has a great knowledge of the history of Arizona and surrounding areas. Has been involved in training horses, rodeo, team roping and riding horse back into the wilderness all his life.

FLORENCE, Arizona – The legend of the site of a German man’s lost gold mine is famous in Arizona, as are legends of the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix. In his book, the author presents a history of the area, the riveting story of the lost mine and his personal thoughts on the land and mountains. Huckabay has spent a lifetime touring the lands of the Superstitions in the Sonorian Desert about 20 miles east of Phoenix. These granite mountains are the center of mysterious legend dating back to the Spanish conquistadors. It is said that old maps of stone tablets hold the key to treasure hidden in the mountains. Huckabay takes readers on an interesting trip through history, describing the numerous escapades by the Spanish to plunder the fold found in this area. He also tells the captivating story of Jacob Waltz, a German immigrant known today for his discovery of a gold mine in the mountains. His secret location proved to be plentiful and after the death of his mining partner, Waltz continued to mine occasionally for money. His old age prevented him from mining it bare and he left it untouched during his difficult final years of his life. The legend remains in the hearts of many, however. More than a few people have embarked on quests to find this location. Now, Huckabay reveals the legend in full, as well as his own experiences exploring this area. His hand drawn maps and writings on the landscape are backed by years of exploration in this area. Huckabay spent his life in Arizona and knows much of its history. He had been involved with horse training, rodeo, team roping and horseback riding in the wilderness. Retired from the Arizona Dept. Of Corrections, serving with the last Horse Mounted Unit.