The Ability to Cipher Information is the Secret to the Lexicon

by Larry Odell Johnson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 20/08/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 392
ISBN : 9781410741257

About the Book

The author has written a book combining elements of sociology, religion, philosophy, and mathematics, in a demonstration of how these disciplines are connected through the lexicon of language.  His purpose has been to present in everyday terms an exposition for understanding specific aspects of some of the most insulated areas of formal knowledge.  The author’s theoretical approach is deliberately atypical.  This self-labeled “ scrambled eggs “ approach argues the author is done for the purpose of bringing deeply hidden meanings immediately to the surface, in deference to the most efficient use of the reader’s valuable time.  The author believes learners should not be obligated to spend years puzzling through abstruse language in an effort to gain insight into important information, especially when the information can be brought within the range of their understanding within a matter of hours.  He does not compare his book with others ostensibly of the same type but, rather, he says that while his book is not unique it is unusual.  That is, his book will give its diligent and discerning reader insight and perspectives that will enable him/her to understand the most esoteric contents of almost any other book they will ever read.

About the Author

Larry Odell Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Dutchess Community College, where he has focussed on teaching lower level mathematics courses for 13 years.  Those courses include beginning algebra through pre-calculus and statistics.  A graduate of Arizona State University and U.C. Berkeley, Larry has degrees in mathematics and criminology.  This is his first book but he has previously published several articles in the academic journal Issues in Criminology.

When his is not teaching, Larry’s interests include reading, fishing, music, movies, dancing, golf, and traveling.

Recently Larry was awarded Emeritus Status by the Board of Trustees at Dutchess Community College.  He plans to take early retirement in 2004 and to pursue a career in writing and research.