by Linda Achor



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Language : English
Publication Date : 01/01/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 740
ISBN : 9781418423650

About the Book

The Group Fight’s Back with P.A.C.C 19

The Author of DEATH OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, LINDA ACHOR, has written a fact filled book, backed by court documented evidence proving how the courts engage in fraud on the court to cheat innocent unsuspecting God gearing tax-payers out of their Constitutional rights to due process under the law.

She has organized a group called P.A.C.C 19, which stands for PEOPLE AGAINST COURT CORRUPTION. Linda Achor’s book contains court documented evidence proving the fraud that’s taking place in every court in The United States. Whether it be in criminal cases where, someone’s life hangs in the balance. Or Civil cases where property and civil rights hang in the balance. Our book proves that the courts are breaking our Constitutional Laws BLAT ANTL YI

Our organization P.A.C.C 19 has put together a group of great legal minds, their expertise being Constitutional Law. These giants in the field put a Bar Assoc. Member to shame.

However, they are non-lawyers and do not belong to that secret society cult the Bar Assoc. Instead, become a card carrying member of P.A.C.C 19.

Gerald Achor is President of the group, Linda Achor is vice President and treasurer. Eugene Wzorek is head of public relations, and Larry Abram is head of our legal group.

The cost for joining is a modest sixty dollars a year. And if on chooses to subscribe to our monthly news-letter that would come to an additional twenty dollars a month. Each member will receive a card signifying membership to P.A.C.C 19, also each member will receive the names of Legal experts that will help you win your case, criminal or civil, state or Federal. The fees they charge is much less than an attorney, Plus they win 90% of their cases.

The fees they charge you are for the hours needed to do the legal research in the law library, and write your process.

Your pleadings would then come to you camera ready. All that you would be left to do is duplicate, file with the court clerks, and mail copies to the opposing attorneys. Also pay the filing fee, and get the summons served. Also you will relieve copies of forms to file a complaint on a federal judge which gets results. Also the forms necessary to file a complaint on a state judge. These forms are the forms that they do not want the public to know exist. That ends the Myth that the federal Judges are in for life. If a federal judge gets three or four of these complaints, their in big trouble. Try a hundred, even twenty and they are off the bench.

Linda Achor has sent all the documented evidence of fraud and conspiracy that’s required to prove guilt of racketeering.

About the Author

The Author is nobody special, just another victim of this corrupt court system and crooked politicians. This book will be understood by all lay people like me, the evidence is so profound in this book that it will definitely bring down the whole corrupt court system. I am of Polish American descent, my Husband is Irish German.

The corrupt court system threw everything they had at just, and were determined to destroy us. This was done purposely and with malice. Through our ten year battle with them, I had to endure the death of my only sister Maryann Strama of cancer at the age of 48; I had not one but two bedridden invalids to take care of, My Father who had double bypass surgery, and my Mother who had Alzheimers. This lasted 91/2 years. I also had to sell all my jewelry to pay for a hysterectomy operation for my Monkey Lulu. So I know first hand what hell is like, I’ve been there, done that. Through all this, I still found the energy to send copies of all our evidence, Wzorek and mine, to every Governmental Dept that’s suppose to be in place to help citizen’s from :fraud being perpetrated against them by the courts. The post office actually asked me in was a lobbyist or something.

That’s when we discovered that this corruption was allowed to take place so blatantly because, the court officials knew that they had nothing to fear from these Governmental officials, they were all in cahoots together. They even had every form of the media under they’re control. Just like Nazi Germany! The scandal of this travesty of Justice will be heard all over the world. Just like Retired Supreme Court Justice told Alex Burkholder of channel 7 about our evidence. He said Wzorek and I were the most dangerous people in the world! WHY? Because we have nothing to lose. Were back from hell now and were ready to tear down the whole system with the spirits of our forefathers hovering above us. The next explosion you’ll hear will be our Constitution being slammed down in the courts, and that stampede you’re going to hear will be all the crooked judges, lawyers and politicians running for the door. That’s our promise to you.